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Why people need money?

the Question can seem strange. It is obvious that money is necessary to all and always. Also it is not necessary to offer any further explanations. But everything is not as simple as it seems.

What is money?

Wikipedia gives to

the following definition: “Money - specific goods which are a universal equivalent of cost of other goods or services“. It means that on money it is possible to acquire any goods or to pay with them any service.

Still Karl Marx noted that all goods can be commensurated by the number of the work spent for their production, for example, having compared expense of working hours and qualification of the worker. Such comparison gives the chance to determine the cost of any goods by means of “universal goods“, i.e. by means of money.

Without going into details of condemnation of money as economic category, it is possible to note that now money represents banknotes in which obligations of the state are fixed. Concrete state obliges the organizations and citizens to accept banknotes as lawful means of payment in the territory. Such paper money has no independent cost and is an equivalent purely nominally.

Money acts as a measure of value, a currency, payment and accumulation. For performance of the last function - accumulation - money has to keep the cost throughout a long time. For this purpose the state creates the gold reserves. The it is more, the trust of citizens to national currency is more. The currency issue which is not supported with gold reserves leads to inflation.

Why people love money?

people who like to have money for several reasons Are:

• they like to observe how money “works“;

• it is pleasant to take the large sum of money in hands and to be glad for itself that you are their owner;

• very well the thought “warms“ soul that you have a round sum on the bank account.

But most of people interest not money and that on them can be bought. In this case the question refracts from a different angle: how to earn more to buy everything that there is a wish. Whether and all it in power?

Let`s say if you the good expert (the doctor, the driver, the engineer), then for you not a problem to find highly paid work practically in any place. Ideally you can earn money for everything that you want to have.

But there is other category of citizens. They want to have in this life everything too to the maximum, but here they did not get used to strain in work: also studied barely, and their specialty is demanded not everywhere. And to be retrained - laziness! Remain to lie on a sofa as Oblomov, and to dream when “god-send“ falls down them. If it does not occur, then “oblomovets“ begin to accuse all and all of the poor life and needs.

Money are a trap?

Ya I will not peddle old stuff if I tell that in each of us there lives “a little instigator“ which all the time provokes: you should buy the new computer, new, more fancy car, it is time to change the residence and to move to more prestigious area.

It is perfectly known by those who use money to profit on your “volition“ of both that, and it. Here it is necessary to put a red tag! If you do not understand that money represents an equivalent of an exchange of your work on the fact that it is really necessary for you in life, but not pieces of paper on which you buy that it is necessary and it is not necessary, then money goes broke on thoughtless expenditure, your dwelling is filled with unnecessary things which you do not use. But in you - feeling of deep satisfaction that “prestigious“ things in cash and you spent for them a lot of work, time and money.

And “the little instigator“ continues to push you on further rash acts. Yesterday on the TV showed advertizing of new products and drinks which “are very useful to health“, and the prices of these food - celestial. But you are already ready to rush in a supermarket behind expensive novelties. And here the refrigerator is hammered with stuff which usefulness raises doubts.

Appetite to acquisition of “prestigious things“ grows. To satisfy the ego, the person has to work from morning to the dead of night, earning much more, than it is necessary for it for life. Thus, the person turns into the slave to “instigator“, and money from an equivalent of cost becomes the drug allowing to receive the next desired acquisition.

Hardly anyone - that voluntarily admits that he is deceived simply, persistently imposing by means of advertizing or still some receptions purchase of things and products which are not necessary to him at all. It does not allow so-called pride.

People who make money on such trustful ninnies place a set of traps and different traps. And if the person allows to deceive constantly himself, being conducted on same “bait“ (this thing it is so important to to have in the house, it is so prestigious that cannot do without it any respecting himself exchanges ), then he will never get out of this vicious circle.

Money became a specific equivalent of barter. Practically together with it the remarkable idea appeared how to operate people by means of money. Ingenious minds use them as the instrument of impact on the person, peculiar fetters in which it turns into the obedient slave.

Yesterday showed you on the TV advertizing that it is time to buy the new smartphone of the next generation, you already bought four pieces this year. Why to you one more when also these well work? Forget about it!

Today in the subway before your eyes 20 minutes the colourful announcement persistently loomed: the miracle - balm will help to decorate in a week a bald head with a dense head of hear. You reflected, or perhaps it is worth trying? Drive from yourself this thought! You are tried to be deceived again. So far you to yourself do not admit that you constantly allow to deceive yourself and to manipulate yourself by means of money, it will infinitely proceed.

As soon as you will become yourself the owner and the director of the life, your financial difficulties and work to “chyortik in eyes“ will end …