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“Faberge`s egg“: how to make a gift with own hands?

On the horizon Easter loomed, and it is time to think of gifts. Actually, there is nothing to think: the tradition demands Easter eggs.
A here they already happen very much and very different, beginning from usual colored eggs (still it is possible to compete with them - at whom stronger moreover and desires to think) and finishing with the real works of art which accurately put on a shelf and for many years admire them.
the Work of art can be bought

, and it is possible and to make most. And production of an Easter egg demands only desire, a small amount of the imagination, a minimum of material and existence of hands. Special skills and abilities are not required.

I want to offer persons interested to make an easter gift own hands - “Faberge`s egg“. Faberge`s eggs were made with surprises - demountable, like nested dolls, with some souvenir inside. For example, after opening of the Siberian diamond field to Nicholas II by concessionaires presented Faberge`s egg filled with the facetted diamonds from this mine - gifts of the Russian land. In Faberge`s eggs various jewelry and souvenirs were located. For example, in the first egg made in 1885 as an easter surprise for Alexander III`s wife of Maria Fiodorovna there was a chicken made of color gold, and the ruby crown was hidden in a chicken. The souvenir so was pleasant to the empress that Faberge received the constant order for production of Easter eggs: on one egg annually, and existence in each egg of any original surprise - a gift was an indispensable condition.

Well, on the souvenirs equal to Faberge`s souvenirs, we do not apply, but nevertheless it is possible to please the family and friends with small original gifts.

Production of an Easter egg will require the kinder - the surprise is a basis only. The chocolate, certainly, is eaten, the toy is taken, and here we already have excellent preparation. At desire it is possible to paint egg acrylic paints in any pleasant color.

The interior of egg is pasted over with cotton wool, and atop - velvet paper or fabric. Such box for jewelry turns out. The small nuance - an interior of “cover“ completely cannot be pasted over, otherwise egg will not be closed therefore color of material of internal finishing has to correspond to color of egg.

Egg is established on a silver platter (plastic, wooden, porcelain - what is near at hand) and is pasted. “Nest“ which is pasted to a saucer too is formed of tow. And already we have an egg in a nest - almost like in life.

Instead of a saucer it is possible to use a basis from a cardboard or plywood, previously having painted.

Egg is decorated plastic with flowers. Flowers are made in advance, after heat treatment are turned in a branch which is glued to an egg cover. It is also possible to decorate egg with beads, products from cold porcelain, paper and so on. It is possible just to paint egg. Here already - as far as there will be enough imagination.

It is necessary only to place a surprise in egg. In our case it is a brooch - a dragonfly from beads. It is possible to enclose in egg a cross - an excellent gift by Easter. And here the Easter egg is ready. Of course, not Faberge, but nevertheless something “faberzhiny“ in him is!