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Grants of the name “On the First of October“ of

After finding of Independence by Uzbekistan, it was necessary to eliminate absolutely independently defects and to improve various aspects of life of the population of this country. Education did not become an exception also. It is known that the Fund the Forum of culture and Iskustva was formed in 2005. A year later the direction which is completely devoted to domestic “torches of science“ &ndash was open; to teachers, to be exact to tell, the best of them. And, as the fact that on October 31, 2006, on the eve of the Teachers` Day, it it was declared by Fund the Forum is symbolical.

I first year of carrying out this action - 2007 - united in itself 250 teachers from all corners of the Homeland. But only 40 of them became winners. Since then, every year the number of the participating teachers grew. For example, in 2011 this action collected 1320 applications from teachers and 50 grants found the owners. The total amount allocated for grants for all years made more than 170 million bags.

Purpose of this &ndash project; to develop pedagogical activity, stimulating creative searches of materials with material support of teachers of national education of any educational institutions - from elementary schools to institutes.

Specifying, it is also necessary to note that pedgrant are given in three directions:

1. Teachers of system of national education (comprehensive schools);

2. Teachers of average special and higher educational institutions (academic lyceums, colleges, higher education institutions);

3. Scientific researchers (graduate students, applicants, doctoral candidates) and representatives of the senior teaching staff (heads of the department, deans, the vice rector) who are engaged in scientific developments.

And to participate in the project to teachers of comprehensive schools, besides existence of the higher education, the three-year experience of pedagogical work is necessary.

The teachers of the academic lyceums, colleges and higher education institutions having the higher education and a continuous pedagogical experience not less than 5 years.

Also also heads of educational institutions can take part.

Besides all above-mentioned the teachers wishing to take part in fight for a grant should fill in the questionnaire, and also to collect a number of documents:

the questionnaire of the participant with the color photo;
the copy of the passport (with a registration);
the copy of the diploma about the higher education;
the photocopy of the service record certified by the press of the personnel manager;
budget of the project;
plan of works on the project.
to Future wishing experts in the field of education needed only to wish

success and fair competition!