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You want to be harmonous?

“Want to be harmonous?“ Any normal woman will answer this question “Yes - and!!“, irrespective of age and build. It concerns all including those which are harmonous also without diets.

What to tell about that part of the fair sex which for the present only seeks to join this number! The modern subculture offers the mass of ways of correction of a figure - from various diets before surgical intervention. All of them are quite unpleasant and even dangerous in application, and therefore ineffective.

Is still psychological, like meditation and auto-suggestion, but they also demand big efforts and suit not everyone.

And still there are methods - available, inexpensive and at the same time working as are thought up long ago and checked in practice. For example, such - unfortunately, little-known. Still our grandmas, however, in the simplified look used it.

Hang up on the refrigerator (directly before a nose) a ridiculous caricature with the corresponding inscription. For example, there will be enough hippopotamus speaking “To guzzle!“. Or it is even better - a pig. It is possible to think up the mass of various options with participation of various animals - gluttons and different signatures like “well and a throat“, “look at yourself“, “it is necessary to guzzle less“, etc.

Very important that drawing was author`s - from that point of view that you tell it to yourself, but not someone foreign, faceless, from the page of the magazine or a TV screen. Who else can / has the right to tell you it - frankly and roughly, but strongly and directly?

On the one hand, will be not offensively, and with another - it has a much bigger energy potential, therefore - effect. If you are not able to draw, ask some child. I think, the familiar young artist will be almost at all.

As a last resort write on a leaflet the Depart from Me! red marker (As though it is your refrigerator to you speaks). Only it is not necessary to draw skulls and skeletons, they already thin to what to aggravate... It is possible to fix a leaf by magnetics.

By the way, it would be quite good if the industry adjusted release of magnets with the corresponding subject. Such magnets will be much more useful to us, than usual advertizing, and will be in demand.

As a result of such the anti-advertizing slogan will help you to limit itself in food, it will remind of it every time when you want to open the refrigerator. That did not become familiar, make several posters and interchange the position of them. The result will not keep itself waiting, in a week you will notice it without any scales.

By the way, what long and unpronounceable word - “refrigerator“! It would already be time to think up some short name to this devil invention. And actually it turned into the enemy No 1 for a long time (and you did not notice?).

The enemy number two has a short nickname - “TV set“, “box“, the enemy number three has “wheelbarrow“, and at it is not present … I suggest to call it... “ho - to“. Well, then, when will get accustomed, it is possible to cut still - “őîę“ for now so let is...