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How to prepare house for “Forfeit“?

Are a citrus for us today - a product all-weather and quite ordinary, available at the price and satisfactory - in any case, there is a wish to trust in it - on quality.

And there were times when also the simple lemon could be got only by acquisition of the so-called order - on three lemons “hung“, for example, a pack of the “Krasnodar“ tea, to bank of almost inedible sprats pate and still some nonsense, like an unconvincing can with compote from the guayaba made in friendly Cuba.

And oranges to us, after long standing in turn, “gave“ two kilograms “in hands“, and tangerines appeared only on New Year`s Eve - elegant Moroccan it was necessary to get still, in the markets the Abkhazian reigned, it is yellow - green, dim and small. However, tasty - it not to take away from them.

And now - beauty! All the year round we have on a table perfect citruses - oranges, tangerines, lemons and limes, grapefruits and a pomelo (or Pamela - figs knows them). You eat, press juice, bake with fish or a bird, do cocktails or smuz, fruit ice, cream or jelly - everything that only the soul will wish.

One is bad - mountains of bright and fragrant crusts, on weight sometimes a third of the fruit making nearly, most often are thrown out. It is a pity.

However zealous hostesses from poor Soviet period store and descend “gold“ recipes of waste-free consumption of a citrus.

Here, for example, marvelous on beauty and drink, delightful on the taste, in my ancient culinary notebook named as “house the Forfeit“.

By the way, original “Forfeit“ appeared at us before the Olympic Games and was considered as a big rarity - from foreign brands more - Pepsi - Coca“ was less widespread only “. “Forfeit “ was perceived by teenagers of that time as a miracle - magic orange liquid with the stupefying orange aroma and the expressed taste was for us who grew up on caramel “Buratino“, the absolute exotic.

Now “Forfeit“ not in honor - to everyone it is clear that behind its extreme sweet and fragrance the awful face Big Chemistry shows. But there is a way to manage and without this “lady“ - unforgettable taste of popular drink to us will be presented by orange-peels, sugar, water and a little lemon acid.

Everything is very simple - the peel from four large oranges needs to be filled in with boiled water, for about 5 - 6 hours. And it is better to make it in the evening and to leave “to be pickled“ till the morning. Boiled water about one and a half liters are required.

Then liquid it is useful to merge in a separate vessel - it still! The peel should be wrung out in the same vessel then to pass it via the meat grinder, it is possible twice if not laziness. Or sincerely to crush in the blender.

The received orange gruel should be filled in with boiled water again so that water hardly covered weight, and to leave before full cooling.

Cooled down? Now we take, for example, a gauze, we put on a colander, we throw out “raw materials“ there and we wring out, making the maximum efforts - directly in that vessel where “the first derivative“ is waiting in the wings. Any can wring out in the way, convenient for you, - in a special sack, through a sieve or by means of the juice extractor. In a vessel about two liters dense brightly - yellow solar and fragrant liquid will turn out.

And further process is necessary it is similar creative - it is necessary to lick future drink into shape. In - - to filter the first. In - - to dilute the second with cold boiled water approximately to three liters. In - the third to add granulated sugar and lemon acid - to taste. Long-term practice shows that two hundred - three hundred sugar it is quite enough grams, plus steam of coffee spoons of “pineapple“. However I advise both sugar, and acid to add gradually, to stir, try - in this case you without effort will reach desirable taste.

Here, actually, and all - drink is ready. About its usefulness I can tell nothing, but also harm, I believe, more - to less healthy organism it will not put. Fragrant, beautiful, moderately sweet, with pleasant sourness house “Forfeit“ will decorate both a family lunch, and an invited dinner.

The remained “cake“ can be frozen and to add gradually to sand pastries, biscuits, muffins and cakes. And it is possible from the wrung-out remains with addition of one and a half glasses of sugar to cook excellent jam - for example, in the bread machine on the corresponding mode.

And there is more to come. From “citrus crusts“ the remarkable dessert - candied fruits turns out. “A scattering solar as amber, and transparent candied fruits on a palm it is similar to jewels - in each of them as if the spot of sunlight is caught, and sweet and aroma remind the honey and flower nectar which is thawing and carrying away in dreamland“.

But about it is in the following article...