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Wisdom is a self-criticism of reason?

Wisdom are got over time. We come to it through failures. But we always try to break these centuries-old wisdom and to convince that we all - will manage to turn events. But we do not receive wisdom from success. It is favorable to fail sometimes even, especially when restoration of these failures pays back essential experience.

Lesson No. 1. Always cross through the ambitions and you apologize. You were mistaken, and your arrogance prevents to come cap in hand - people suffer from it and communications spoil.

Lesson No. 2. Wealth, nedvizhimomt complicate life, or at all do it intolerable. It does not pay off in life values. Do not allow good things to force out what is of great importance.

Lesson No. 3. Hold your horses. Learn to enjoy life.

Lesson No. 4. The plan and aspiration to it - not the most important in life. Try to work without accurately calculated purpose and nothing will change. Obviously, you will even find something unknown and wonderful for yourself.

Lesson No. 5. Live in one afternoon. Past and future is absent - it in our thoughts and prevents to lead to us full-fledged life. Concentrate that you live now.

Lesson No. 6. Pay sufficient attention to the children. You appreciate those moments at which you nearby.

Lesson No. 7. Do not borrow, do not make out the credits. It seems to us that we need them and not to do without them. Actually they connect incomparably more efforts and concern. From them it is much less return, than we will remain have to. Be a master of the situation, do not drive yourself in credit fetters needlessly.

Lesson No. 8. Be oneself. Just be that who you are is.

Lesson No. 9. Try to give especially personal belongings orally. Data can easily get to our digital time to the ill-wisher.

Lesson No. 10. Beyond your powers to motivate the person. The best what you are capable of - it is to give them creative raising of spirit.

Lesson No. 11. We try to feel everything on own skin, we want to be in time everywhere and to endow nothing in exchange that we lose sight of existence of one circumstance - we will not be able to learn everything on own experience. All focus that a course of life much more abruptly when we do not seek to meet in time. Learn to feel pleasure over what you already have and life will become wonderful.

Lesson No. 12. An oversight - the best system to master weights of life. Be not afraid to take a false step. Simply make efforts not to copy the mistakes excessively often.

Lesson No. 13. Defeats is a way to achievement of a victory. Without obstacle we would not find forces to win victories. It is better to make efforts and to fail, than to lose courage being afraid to break a barrier and not to move a little.

Lesson No. 14. The silence and rest is of great importance. People work nepoklady hands and neglect rest. Eventually they revolt to the craft. Subsequently we become stronger.

Lesson No. 15. There are several pleasures which connect the excellent book, an excellent campaign and the best friend - all of them are unselfish.

Lesson No. 16. Dropping weight is not made in a flash. All this long current during which you comprehend would seem unusual things.

Lesson No. 17. The purpose is only a small segment of your life. All of us so worry about our appointment and the future that all of us pass all fascinating moments on the way. If you think only of result of the purpose, then you do not receive a high from its gain. As after that you will have a new purpose and the next ways of its achievement.

Lesson No. 18. Good walk restores to life. You want to be more harmonous or to improve the dream? Walk. You want to feel pleasure, at the same time without losing cent? Walk. Make walk and your mind will be updated.

Lesson No. 19. Competition very seldom happens useful. In our environment it is accepted to fight to the last for a prize. It is actually much more fruitful to cooperate. Thanks to cooperation return is more favorable.

Lesson No. 20. You do not sit very much - it will destroy you. Move, run, dance, walk.

Lesson No. 21. Life is very short. You can be represented that ahead there are a lot more chances, but time rushes promptly by you. In a flash your children will grow up and they will have the life. You appreciate every second, every moment.

Lesson No. 22. On my way still a great lot of things which need to be acquired. If I seized everything, I mean did not seize anything. Further still uncountable quantity of entertaining vital tasks and I look forward to them!

I want to tell that it is my look, I put in these words the views of things and our voices can be divided. But nevertheless I consider that everyone will find something precious and useful or at least modifies some of lessons and it surely will help with life.