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What to look in Las at - Vegas?

Las - Vegas - one of those unique cities of the world which surely should be visited. To look Las - Vegas interestingly at all seasons of the year.

Brought up on the Soviet promotion, I considered all the time that Las - Vegas is the center of debauchery, passion and all human defects.

What there was my surprise when, having got there, I learned that the income of the city from gamblings makes only 10%, and all the rest is receipts from various other human pleasures and entertainments.

First of all, it is the best world shows and representations, huge number of restaurants for every taste and a purse, exhibitions, excursions, shopping and other. And in a casino, frankly speaking, the most part of visitors is made by tourists who came first of all on all this to look, well, and at the same time and to play.

It was very entertaining to watch how the American grandmothers vigorously pull handles of gaming machines and childly rejoice to a prize in several dollars. Though is, of course, people who specially come to Las - Vegas to push luck and leave the whole states there.

But let`s look for a start how it is possible to reach Las - Vegas and how many it can cost. Naturally, first of all it is necessary to get to the United States. Let`s consider that how to reach New York, we know. And here it is possible to get from there to Las - Vegas differently.

If in “forehead“ that is to reserve the air ticket on usual linear air carrier (for example, Delta), then this pleasure will cost you about $350 there and back (on Friday to Vegas and on Monday back).

The cost of three nights in one of the most interesting hotels of Vegas, MGM Grand, - about $600. Thus, in general this option will cost $900-1000.

But, knowing how to choose the least expensive option of such travel, it is possible to reserve a ready package to Vegas directly at the American low cost of airline.

In this case flight together with accommodation in MGM Grand hotel from Friday to Monday will cost only $550-600. Agree that the sense of such option is.

Hotels Las - Vegas … I not incidentally chose MGM Grand hotel for an example. It is one of three biggest hotels of the world today. By and large, it is the whole city which is often called “the city of entertainments“

of MGM Grand was constructed in 1993, and at that time it was the biggest hotel of the world on 5000 numbers.

In the territory of a huge complex 19 restaurants at which the best cooks of the world, theater, concert venues, night clubs, and a set of boutiques work - generally are located, this is the real Las - Vegas in a miniature.

Certainly there is also own casino occupying the space in 15000 m 2 . Near hotel the garden where coconut palm trees are planted settles down. The water zone of a garden is made by 5 pools with falls, tanks with mineral water and the artificial small river.

The sizes of this hotel just strike. I repent - the first day only and did that tried not to get lost and be included in the number without excessive adventures. But minutes 20-30 first all - left on just to pass from one wing of hotel into another.

In concert halls of MGM Grand the best actors constantly act and the best-known shows go on tour. Not for nothing there is an opinion that if you want to look at the best world shows at once and in one place, then go to Las - Vegas.

During my stay there, for example, David Copperfield and the well-known Parisian cabaret of “Krezi Hors“ acted. And the cost of tickets was less, than in their native Paris.

However kept superiority of the biggest hotel of the world of MGM Grand not for long. In 1999 the Venice hotel which together with next “Palazzio“ won the status was open, is 7000 numbers.

But he is famous not only and not just for the sizes, how many internal furniture. It is the only hotel in the world (the truth, now his twin is constructed in Macau) where instead of corridors channels are laid, and on them the real gondolas with gondoliers who sing the Italian songs from time to time float.

The ceiling is painted under the Italian sky, walls are decorated with the Italian frescos, and on the parties there are copies of facades of the most known buildings of Venice. The feeling is created that you are at the well-known Venetian Piazza San Marco.

But will be enough about hotels. Except these two, in Las - Vegas there are tens more of others, each of which is interesting and unique on the.

We will talk about other remarkable sight of the city. These are fountains Las - Vegas. There is one of the best-known and unique fountains. These are the so-called “the singing fountains“ at Belladzhio`s hotel.

Since three o`clock in the afternoon and till midnight everyone can admire huge streams of water which rise by 150 meters in height, is the most real performance. The unforgettable show is followed by fine music (from here, actually and the name).

The singing Belladzhio`s fountains give an idea daily and cause invariable admiration of all those who gather at this time on the coast of the amazing artificial lake which length makes 400 meters.

Under L. Pavarotti, A. Bocelli and F. Sinatra`s fine sounding the streams of the fountain which are flying up and weaved with each other in the sky surprise all with the fancy dances. In musical repertoire of the fountain there are also songs of such celebrities as Madonna, Page. Dion, E. John and U. Houston.

The fountain is the most difficult technical construction which part about 1170 water streams beating from the special installations which are in the artificial lake are and capable to push out water on height more than 100 meters.

The fountain contains about 4500 lamps providing illumination, a huge number of loudspeakers, about hundred million liters of water which took place chemical processing. About 40 million dollars were spent for creation of the fountain.

Nozzles from which water streams take off are established on moving supports, and thanks to it they can move, providing the necessary configuration of lines of the fountain, the direction of flight of water, height of streams, their dynamics and sequence of the introduction in action.

However, it is better to find and watch video. Though, I will honestly tell, the impression of supervision of the fountain that is called “alive“ impresses much more.

In conclusion I want to repeat what earlier wrote in the article about Niagara Falls. If you happen to get to the USA, do not forget to visit not only Niagara Falls, but also Las - Vegas.