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How to kindle fire in itself? Someone from you ever heard

about Uglekhozhdeniya? I not only heard, but also quite recently was influenced by it. And now I want to share with you the experiences, emotions and experience …

What is “Uglekhozhdeniye“?

is a mystery, a holiday, clarification of soul, a step towards to freedom, ancient sacrament, pagan rite... There is a lot of explanations, but for everyone in practice it will become something special. A step which will divide life into two stages - “to“ and “later“.

What will change?

of Anything and all at the same time. The understanding that the fear is only “convention of mind“, “restriction of consciousness“ will come :), and limits of true opportunities of the person are boundless. There will be boundless self-confidence, desire to be given to forces of nature, to merge with them. Inside fire of Spirit, love, heat, kindness, internal force will be lit. The feeling of Happiness - deep for which occasions, the reasons and arguments are not necessary at all will wake up.

My first experience

When I arrived on the first in the life Uglekhozhdeniye, tried not to think that she waits for me. It seemed, all this a joke: and coals will be artificial, and nobody will go on them. And here first shock: “collect dry branches of a hazel grove for a fire“. We dispersed on the wood in search of dry branches which that crude day to find was not so - that and simply. So it seemed at first, yet there was no contact with the nature while the ear clogged with society sounds remained to deafs to hints of the hospitable wood.

But here, branches are already collected and sorted. Mystery time came. The leader started construction of a small lodge from branches. The wood around, appear, received us on a visit and as if measurement waiting for a miracle. Darkened. And if earlier nightfall caused in me intense nervousness, then that evening in embraces of the wood all it seemed some magically - magic.

The basis for a fire was collected and something became similar on plagues or a wigwam. We brought together him by the hands, because he seemed to some family as if became part us or we - it.

There came pronunciation time, what everyone wants that as a result. Even if you get on any seminar incidentally, then this accident, most likely, seeming always is what you really Want. Having whispered it to itself under a nose, I stood waiting for the Miracle.

And the miracle came true. The leader set fire to ours of plagues - a wigwam and was lit some fantastic fire. Free, delightful, all-consuming. He embraced the branches collected by us, filling them with the force and at the same time absorbing.

Fire mystery Feeling

between heaven and earth, connecting to fire, plunging into the experiences and exempting a body from all wordly experiences, appear, that there is only this moment. There is neither past, nor the future. There are only you, people who surround you also space in which you are now. In the head run thoughts, them becomes less, and you are sent to some moment only to feelings and feelings. There are no disorders and experiences, there are no alarms. Energy of fire captures also cold which lodged in my body recently receded.

“We remove footwear“, - reached from where - that from depths, and I as if returned from other planet. The feeling which captured me was even more, than fear when I saw that the huge fire was replaced by a path of the blinking heated pieces of coal. Podova shrank and strained. All body was captured by a small shiver. And in the head only two phrases knocked: “I will not be able. I will not be“.

I understood that there came the choice moment: what will I give preference to - I will obey fear or I will trust in myself?

Trust, it will be pleasant to you!

Bare feet I felt the ice earth. It seemed, its cold burned more fire. The body clenched. Legs did not obey. And at this moment I felt support of the wood. It as if encouragingly patted me on a back, pushing forward. And I went. One circle around a fire. Easier. The second. I felt very strong support, without understanding its source. Someone kind and strong was near, there was a wish to relax and trust.

Iiiiiiya... time … the first on coals was run by the leader. As if the blast wave covered me and, rather instinctively, I stepped on a path. Ran. With anything inexpressible feeling of happiness. Elements in me! I could! At me it turned out!

At the same time did not feel either fire, or a burn, or heat. Specially looked back to be convinced. Yes, it were the same blinking red pieces of coal which temperature exceeds 600 - 700 degrees. We ran - passed on a path more and more time. Also there was in it something primitive, easy, enthusiastic, real.

What will remain in me forever. As well as a piece of coal which I took away with myself for memory!

P. S.

uglekhozhdeniye Sources

Uglekhozhdeniya`s Tradition goes deeply to the beginnings of times when the first people lived in indissoluble communication with the Nature. They already then took the first steps for interaction with elements of Fire. And Fire - was also that Spark of Life which allowed them to live in harmony.

Historical sources specify that practice of circulation on fire was the legalized ritual in many parts of the Central and Southern Asia in the 5th century B.C. In 1901 to professor of Smithsonian institute S. P. Langli has the luck to observe personally how priests to Tahiti were engaged in circulation on fire. They went on the brazier which is laid out from big stones. When one of stones was rolled out from a brazier to check as far as it is hot, it turned out that it can boil more than twenty minutes water from what professor concluded that his temperature was over 650 º C.

Besides, fire - or as it is called still, the uglekhozhdeniye is considered ancient practice of Slavs who are considered as carriers of Paganism which, in the turn, and laid the foundation of communication with fire.

Ancient Slavs in special days in a year carried out ritual during which jumped through a fire, then went on the heated coals, and scattered the remained ashes on the ground. It symbolized that Slavs pure in the spirit of, live in harmony with the Nature and nothing constrains them in infinity of perception of Life. After such ritual the earth was fertile and brought a good harvest.

By the way! by

According to Conservatives, in ancient ceremonies underlay the principle of Unity. To the place of misfortune call happiness, instead of loneliness - love and thus, without getting rid, we agree (we recover) with the world.

Uglekhozhdeniye is a unification with the nature, with himself. This harmonious communication with elements of fire.

Besides, it also therapy. On feet of legs there are reflexogenic zones of all bodies. Impact on these zones leads to powerful activization of immune system, and the organism itself “knows“ where it has a disorder - “the fiery transmutation“ as a result of which the person is cleared, rejuvenates and recovers begins.