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Whether only women “are auditory“?

We choose to ourselves the partner in the strange laws seldom clear to ourselves. Present the darling and list what is pleasant to you in him most of all. Its voice will be for certain not the last point in this list. Many call this criterion decisive in the choice of the sexual partner.

My friend Larisa with enviable constancy chose lovers aurally. Once she told me as she unexpectedly fell in love with the man who fascinated her by the voice modulations.

“Externally Denis, of course, is imperceptible and gray as December morning. But voice … When he calls me, I go from desire just crazy. And during meetings I prefer the twilight: why to be fixed on excess details of appearance? But I am so in love!“

Soon idyll reeled: Larisa met the young handsome. But, as often happens, the nature did not give it everything at once: Casanova terribly lisped. And that - their novel ended as quickly as began. It returned to the growing bald Orpheus - to Denis. By the way, Larisa had a professional music education (can be, it partially explained her choice?) .

Denis was able to use the strange gift correctly. Read verses, sang, skillfully conducted conversation. At one party we with it got to talking, and he opened the heart, remembering youth. It turned out that in youth he tested panic horror before girls, hesitating of the appearance and small growth. But once - about a miracle! - he was mistaken telephone number and got to the lonely young woman. They began the telephone novel which developed into the novel real. Denis very much was afraid of the first meeting, but his passion, apparently, and did not notice unattractiveness of the gentleman. Then there were various acquaintances, and ladies blabbed out that were caught on a voice - such deep, intriguing, with a surprising timbre.

Denis began to improve the main advantage. Slandered meters of a recorder film and listened to himself, listened... Perfected a pronunciation, learned to play by voice, expanded the range of intonations. Now problems with women at it do not happen: everything that it is necessary for it, - to speak with the woman by phone.

A voice - the characteristic without age. To try to determine by phone age of the interlocutor - occupation almost hopeless. If you over the years keep vigorous notes and live intonations, then can even earn additionally, having retired, in service “Sex by Phone“.

By the way, at all not the anxious respectable men for which to get acquainted with the woman and less exotic way use services of this service it is possible. But they complain to sexopathologists that the attractive voice of the stranger works wonders and fires up imagination much quicker, than any beauty. Listening to a pleasant voice, the man can easily think up the corresponding appearance for his hostess.

However, a voice - the weapon two-edged. To the inept owner he can serve bad service.

My friend told about the new passion with which he, appear, fell in love without memory. It liked in it everything: both wonderful face, and fine-molded figure, and soft voice. It was pleasant till some time. Once its car was cut by some reckless driver, and they nearly crashed into a column. Here his charming girl opened a window and began to squeal on responsible such opposite falsetto that my friend grew dumb and left her in the same evening.

The unpleasant voice pushes away not only possible partners in life, but also potential friends. Terribly irritates women when their acquaintance begins to talk absolutely other voice as soon as the man in the field of vision appears: syu - syu - syu...

Once I advised a married couple which was on the verge of divorce. The husband acting as the initiator could not call the concrete reason of the decision. Quietly and slowly said that the wife madly irritates him. When is silent, everything is good, but only will start talking … To it everything in it becomes unpleasant. Having analysed a situation, we understood that at them tempo of speech did not coincide at all. The wife at the moments of disputes speaks very quickly why the voice seems to higher, than usually.

It is unclear, of course, why this manner to speak began to irritate him over the years. Probably, one small shortcoming accumulated on another, and the huge complex with which the man is farther turned out it could not be reconciled. Decided to fight together: from time to time the husband wrote down the speech blessed on a dictophone and allowed it to listen. She learned to speak quietly and slowly, than and rescued a family.

Fortunately, a voice - not such invariable characteristic as color of eyes or length of legs. Range of its modulations it is possible and it is necessary to expand, and depending on a situation to select suitable speed, a timbre and intonations.

Let`s say you cannot refuse to the chief when he abuses your kindness and once again asks to be late after work, to complete someone`s report. Add a little metal to a voice: “Sorry, but I cannot remain after work!“ And for some reason at once to you there will be a replacement. By the way, by psychologists it is noticed long ago that people with a low voice the administration exploits more ruthlessly and more often than their vociferous colleagues.

One of my classmates skillfully manipulated the husband. At prolonged quarrel, having noticed that the situation leaves from - under its control, it began to speak a children`s voice. It was like suddenly hung out flag of truce. The husband could not shout at the “defenseless“ wife. He felt sorry for her at once and repented, even without realizing what, as a matter of fact, occurs: the voice belongs to emotionally - to sensual manifestations which the reason can not record. The women speaking a children`s voice, men unconsciously seek to protect. However, if you decided to test this cunning on the partner, remember that the voice and appearance have to be adequate.

All these and a set of other examples induce to draw a simple conclusion: it is necessary to watch the voice not less diligent, than appearance and health.

Especially diligent and purposeful can do special gymnastics for development of vocal chords. For lazier - recipes it is simpler: sing while nobody hears you, you say the same phrase with different intonations, record with the tape recorder, listen - generally, play the vocal skills.

And then you will have a taka - about - oh a voice...