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How the movie “Back in the Future“ was created?

I Believe that the plot of the movie of Robert Zemeckis “Back in the future“ is familiar to most of fans of cinema. A story about how Martie Makflay went for thirty years in the past, is known to film fans of the whole world and for a long time it is considered classics of an entertaining fantasy. In 2010 to Zemeckis`s picture 25 years were executed.

About it all stars and participants of the first movie (subsequently the director with own hand expanded Martie and Doc Brown`s adventures to the trilogy) gathered and is noisy celebrated this significant event. And the film studio of Universal took advantage of the opportunity and put on the market the first official Blu - ray a disk with the movie and additional materials. Including with shots where Martie`s role was played by the perspective young actor Eric Stoltz (“the Fly 2“, “Pulp fiction“) who later dropped out of the project.

To remind readers of existence of so remarkable picture, after viewing of that Blu - disk ray I decided to share some details of creation “Back in the future“.

According to official data “Back in the future“ it is considered the most high grossing film of the USA of 1985, having earned more than 210 million dollars in native hire that for those times was just huge a lot of money. The tape brought 170 million more dollars to the creators in other territories. Quite good for a picture in which only 32 special effects were used.

It is amusing that the scenario of so successful project long enough knocked about on film studios. Many reasoned the refusal with the fact that movies about travel in time simply do not pay off. Someone did not like a complexity of events. And vast majority of studio managers sent Bob Zemeckis to Disney, hinting that “old times Walt“ will precisely peck on a genre of a family fantasy. After more than 40 refusals Zemeckis despaired and, having rejected doubts, went to Disney`s studio.

In those days Disney was that is called a stronghold of morals and traditions of old Hollywood. When time of decisive negotiations came, Zemeckis was hauled up on the carpet and asked to explain, why the hell it dragged them the scenario with an incest scene. Certainly, it was talked of that moment when Martie allegedly sticks to the mother on the parking to dramatize a fight with the future father George. Having received a kick under the back, the director thrust the project into a table and started shootings of “The novel with a stone“.

When “The novel with a stone“ became a hire film hit, all suddenly wanted to make friends with his author. However “vindictive“ Zemeckis, remembering scepticism around the person, did not begin to wait for offers from the outside. Having taken the second version of the scenario “Back in the Future“, it went to the only person to whom the idea of creation of this movie was to liking too - to Steven Spielberg. As a result “Back in the future“ became the first third-party work created at new studio of Spielberg, Amblin Entertainment.

The head of that time of the company Universal, Cyd Shaynberg to whom the text attracted all - suggested to introduce couple of amendments. In - the first, he asked authors to replace “Professor Brown“ with “Doc Brown“, motivating with the fact that professor for target audience of a picture - youth - is associated with something boring and dusty. In - the second, he suggested to delete from the text of the favourite Doc of a chimpanzee, having replaced a monkey with a dog. “Friends, any movie with participation of a chimpanzee could not earn in hire enough money to pay back expenses“ . When screenwriters Zemeckis and Bob Gale tried to object, having mentioned the tapes “Whatever One May Do - You Will Lose“ and “As soon as You Will Be Able“ with Clint Eastwood`s participation, Shaynberg answered that there was an orangutan, and the question was closed. By the way, Martie`s mother, Lorraine, called in honor of Cyd Shaynberg`s wife, the actress Lorraine Geri acting at Spielberg in “Jaws“.

The casting of performers for leading roles became for creators the real splinter in the soft place. Michael Dzh. Fox was initially planned by authors for Martie`s role, but his contract with Fox TV channel and shootings in series “Family Bonds“ were a serious obstacle. As a result the picture began to be shot with Eric Shtolts. Four weeks of shootings later everything including to Eric, it became clear: it is not suitable for this role at all. And negotiations with Fox entered the second stage. Came to an end in the fact that to Michael allowed to participate in the project, but conditions were rigid and the actor had to work at the Back in the Future platform only late evening and at night. Certainly, the material which is already finished shooting with Shtolts had to be remade that cost studio excess 3 mln. dollars

In spite of the fact that the most part of the movie characters sort out the related relations, travel in time - the main counter and a highlight “Back in the future“. It is yet not science fiction, but already and not just family comedy. Authors had to penetrate into such details from which the head went around. For example, it was first planned to extract that “gigawatt“ of energy not by means of a lightning, and due to reproduction of nuclear explosion, and the time machine had to look as the refrigerator. Having thought that this invention can cause in the least audience unnecessary associations with the ordinary refrigerator, the idea was wrapped. Later Spielberg partially used this counter in fourth “Indiana Jones“.

In the first version of the scenario Doc Brown transported “a movement chamber in time“ in a van of the truck. However Zemeckis desperately resisted this terry stamp. Also came to a conclusion that the car has to be car. So the stylish, futuristic DeLorean car about which door Fox constantly fought the head got into the shot. Involuntary improvisation was even included into final installation of a picture.

Temporary paradoxes “Back in the future“ are still actively discussed at fan forums and the websites. Clear business that authors did not manage to do without mistakes and misses in that area where they had never a reputation for experts. Bob Gale himself admitted that about spatially - a temporary continuum he took out the most part of the knowledge from old scientifically - fantastic movies and series “Twilight Zone“. However the ordinary viewer, not grown wise in the matters, semantic and the actual oversights did not pay attention to many.

Thanks to a tape in the States the second wave of boom went to skateboards. Contrary to the general delusion, Michael Dzh. Fox did not learn to ride a board on shootings, and quite not bad coped with a device and before. Nevertheless in the most intense scenes producers everything are removed doublers. The heading of the movie is quite often used in headings of newspapers and magazines. Of course, Ronald Reagan, being in the status of the president of the country, somehow finished the next speech with the final phrase of the movie of Zemeckis: “Roads? Who needs roads?“ (according to the translator Gavrilov).

The composer Alan Silvestri, to write down a soundtrack to a tape, collected the most mass orchestra of that time (85 people). The main songs sounding in a shot are tracks of the American group Huey Lewis and the News, and their song “The Power of Love“ was even nominated for the Oscar. And Hughie Lewis played the botanist from the school council which refused to Martie`s group participation at a competition.

Rumors that “Back in the future“, sooner or later, will reanimate in Hollywood go long ago. Thank God that neither Gale, nor Zemeckis on these provocations give in, reasonably believing what everything that they could make in this direction - they already made. Considering the fact that Michael Dzh`s illness. Fox will not allow it to participate in the new movie very few people will want to remove continuation of adventures of Martie Makflaya without it. At least, not now, when the generation which grew on this movie fills in Hollywood.