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SSD. The electronic engineer - the mechanic = perfection?

About SSD - stores as about hard drives of new generation are written much. And now in connection with floods in Thailand, I think, the SSD position will be pumped over against the stop.

As I have an experiment on repair of computers and accessories, I will consider operation of this device from the practical point of view, that is considering all usability of SSD plus problem and their decision at failure of operation of the device.

SSD is an abbreviation of the English Solid State Drive that means the solid-state store. In it there are no mechanical parts, it cannot classify it as the drive or the hard drive. It is accepted to say what this device has three main of advantage before the ordinary hard drive.

The first advantage is a speed. SSD works on average three times quicker when loading an operating system, at the addressing photoshop programs and during the work in programs.

The second : it is absolutely silent.

And, at last, third : it is less znergoyemkiya, in comparison with the ordinary hard drive.

We will consider more in details these advantages. On the first I can tell that speed is generally felt when loading an operating system. Really, on SSD system it is loaded approximately three times quicker.

At the addressing programs too quickly, but already not so, somewhere twice, and it is felt when loading heavy photoshop programs, autoring road and other.

When loading other programs, probably, habit force plays a role: we so got used to distract ourselves something until the program is loaded that the difference is practically not felt.

And about work speed in the program the turn does not reach because SSD is subject to fast wear, and once again nobody wants to use the store in programs.

And wear of the ordinary hard drive is not so terrible in comparison with wear of SSD. At wear or failure of HDD exists many utilities allowing to restore programmatically the damaged disk or its separate sectors.

There is a lot of ways, beginning from usual defragmentation - the option which is built in the Windows operating system to an extreme case of damage of mechanics when mechanical change of disks in other casing becomes the only remaining option.

Thus, in 90% and there are even more cases spoiled and even the lost information from the disk HDD can be restored that is almost impossible on SSD.

Only the operating system and the Program Files folder is suitable for use of SSD. All other information, base of files and data, and also hard work with programs let better remains on the ordinary mechanical hard drive HDD.

Advantage as regards power consumption the thing important is, of course, a smaller potreblyaemost of the electric power of SSD, but considering that at failure of power supply the possibility of irrevocable loss of information is very big, this advantage becomes too, to put it mildly, very disputable.

And, at last, financial side, question price, so to speak: SSD costs much, the normal store in 120 GB costs about $240 in Moscow. In regions there are no such prices. Besides, if the price of hard drives in inverse proportion to updates, upgrades and increase in capacity, then in a case with SSD exactly on the contrary.

For example, in SSD there are two types of controllers. It is a programmable chip of food and distribution of work and information in SSD. The program of Sand controllers - Force and JMicron coped with these functions extremely badly. They wrote down information very unevenly (for HDD this issue is resolved by usual defragmentation).

When one cell of the store spoils, all store fails. To the word speaking, the spoiled cell for HDD is the simplest defect having a lot of decisions from program ôroundô of a cell (transfer in quarantine) before program magnetization of a disk.

And so, for the solution of this problem for SSD the Trim team which has to provide uniform wear of the store was thought up. Strangely enough, together with this innovation of SSD rose in price when on all canons of business and logic had to be on the contrary.

From - for floods in Thailand 80% of production of hard drives are suspended. Till spring at least the minimum works on production restoration will hardly be able to begin. The shops trading in computers cease to sell HDD separately from computers. Not to mention that the prices of HDD jumped up twice.

Protect hard drives, friends because replacement of this technology is not expected in the near future.