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The word “loneliness“ is familiar to you?

you know that such loneliness? I will be glad for you if you answer negatively! And here it is familiar to me... This awful feeling! It... when you every day, it seems, are also not bad yourself, but there is one. There is no person who will embrace you, will press to itself and will whisper tender words on an ear. When you fill up every evening it one. When you do not feel a support and reliability.

And time goes... When you still small, do not think of it. But there comes a certain moment, and you feel that time - that passes. From it it becomes so heavy at heart … Hands fall, paints become so gray that there is no wish to live absolutely any more. You just drag miserable existence.

22 years are that age when you begin to feel that it is time to begin something. In 22 years to be always the focus of attention of young people, to be soul of the company, to receive compliments and invitations, but all the same to remain one - it is awful. You do not understand why so occurs, but suddenly everything becomes clear because … Once the destiny sends

to you, so, accidentally, a meeting with one person … You feel second internal vibration, but do not attach it any significance. Why? Yes because you see this person the first time and do not think of anything. In particular, that this “the first time“ becomes for you the beginning of new life! Then, after time there comes the moment when you feel what you with it not from the different worlds and that a certain person - the person who is pleasant to you which took control of a part of your heart, thinks and perceives life as well as you.

In the course of communication you are more and more deeply dipped into it, and he every time creates the new world, a wonderland, fun and adventures. You understand that this person reminded your heart that it has to pump blood, and a lung - that it is necessary to breathe, to eyes that they have to rejoice, to lips that have to smile, you - that has to live!
Once the destiny sends you the person with whom it is easy and serene, with which you lay aside all the problems and burdens, relax and have a rest, at least for a minute forgetting that behind a window actually a rain and slush, and in a sink dirty ware.

The most interesting that we always attract such person what we are in fact in the life. Also we choose each other not incidentally! We meet only those who already exist in our subconsciousness. the destiny sends to
I the person with whom you begin to feel like the real girl and you feel how shoulders finish, the chin rises, and on a face the smile appears.

Believe!! Here just believe! The destiny sends such person of everyone! And I it already met … As it is paradoxical - I still fall asleep one, but I do not feel lonely any more! “How so it turns out?“ - you ask. “Well, here is how - that so !“, - I will answer. I do not feel lonely, even when I do not hear before going to bed its voice. I just close eyes, and there It … It is so close that it is possible to touch a hand, to carry out on a cheek and to release with wishes of quiet and sound sleep.

And you blossom in spite of the fact that actually there is nothing official! But on the way home from the bus-stop, you see the neighbor at an entrance, and he asks why at me eyes so burn - it is visible even through two streets. I would answer it why, only he all the same will not understand. Nobody will understand it until he itself feels!!

You know why I write all this? I never and will wish to endure to nobody what was endured once by me. Let the few will read it, but that who nevertheless will read, I want to tell one: the one who has to be near - will be! do not worry. Everything arrives on time if people are able to wait.

And if you now one - it do not mean that you are necessary to nobody, it means that for you it is not indifferent who will be near you!