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What is “pegniokhimiya“?

Chemists joke too. And what else it is necessary to do if in laboratory is hotter and cold glass look equally ! From the Greek “pegnio“ - an entertainment, a joke.

The first edition of the book of the famous chemists having world recognition, the staff of Irkutsk institute of chemistry of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science of the academician M. Voronkov and the Doctor of Chemistry A. Rulyov “About chemistry with a smile or pegniokhimiya Bases“ appeared in 1999 in St. Petersburg.

History of “Pegniokhimiya bases“ such is. In 1966 with a lightning speed the collection “Physicists Joke“ on which title page the brand of solid scientific publishing house “Mir“ flaunted disappeared from counters of shops.

After issue and a tremendous success of the book authors were filled up with pleasant and useful reader`s letters. With pleasure having read these books, one of authors of future collection, M. Voronkov (the second, A. Rulyov, then just went to the first class and opened for itself this book much later), exclaimed: “And chemists unless do not joke?! Yes joke, and not less, than physics!“

I started information search. Voronkov transferred to the Siberian office of Nauka publishing house the manuscript “Chemists joke too“, on it three positive reviews of members of Academy of Sciences of the USSR arrived. When work of publishing house on the manuscript came to an end, from competent authorities reported that “physicists already joked“ (dissidents like A. D. Sakharov meant), and recommended to reject the manuscript that chemists - humorists were not comprehended by the same fate.

As a result the manuscript was returned to the author without explanations. When nevertheless there came other times, the duet of authors of this book transferred her in significantly the remade and added look in Sankt - the St. Petersburg office of Nauka publishing house where it also was published.

Having laid the foundation for this new “direction“ of chemical science at the end of the 20th century, we with pleasure note that it continued to develop violently. For last ten years books “Chemists Still Joke“ of Yu. A. Zolotov appeared, “About chemistry it is serious also with a smile“ M. M. Levitsky. Thanks to V. V. Bakakin`s works essential development was gained by a stikhokhimiya (poezokhimiya).

When I studied on a department of chemistry of the Leningrad university, the deputy dean was Ninel Fiodorovna Nosova - the woman rigid, but fair. On one of Days of the chemist (it is for the first time noted in 1960 on a department of chemistry I LIE) the song on motive “Hopes a small little band“ appeared:

Will deprive of a grant for a month,
to ground you,
of the Administration a small little band
Under management Ninel.

So we, loving and taking offense, glorified of teachers .

Sociologists conducted survey of the population. To all respondents 2 questions were set: 1) what do you think of chemical fertilizers; 2) what at you at school a grade in chemistry. It appeared : 1) 90% of Russians categorically against chemical fertilizers; 2) other 10% had in chemistry an assessment “5“.

The motor twists and twirls a mixer.
In a flask trekhgorly claret solution.
Cooks, turns sour atsetofenon.
will reach standard it Soon.

Only I began to drive away benzene - the Flask jerked
! Not to collect pieces...
Flashed benzene, the dressing gown lit up.
Something was noticed by the neighbor inattentively.

the Institute of a pegniokhimiya of the Russian Academy of Sciences, maybe, will also appear when we understand unity of the nature and the deadlock of infinite division of knowledge and we will laugh at art to divide and not to dominate.

If you love Chemistry, then live in pleasure, Titruyte`s
blue green muck!!