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What at the book under a cover? Number ISBN

Under a cover at the book, of course, the whole world which is given rise by inspiration of the writer. Without being going to offend at all those readers who know that the main thing in the book - the text, everything I ask to pay attention to the second part of heading. Here it will be a question, as you can see, of those badges which decorate a turn of the title page.

Filling of this page is explicitly stated by state standard.

Among any Russian letters we see on the back of the title page Latin - ISBN. These four letters are given in maintenance of a number of figures, they mean the International standard number of the book (International Standard Book Number). Simply speaking, it is about unique number of the book which is assigned to each edition in those countries which logged in.

The foundation of use of ISBN was laid by Britain in 1966. Number was called as SBN in the beginning and was nine-digit, since 1970 became ten-digit and international. In 1987 was a part of the system the USSR, Russia carries on this tradition.

Assignment of ISBN - under the authority of special national agencies. In the Russian Federation the Russian book chamber is engaged in it.

So, ISBN is a digital code of the edition. Unique personal number which cannot be repeated - even for the new edition of the same book will be required assignment of new ISBN.

The system is built in the system of identification, designation of production entered by the International association of commodity numbering by machine-readable bar codes of goods - EAN (European Article Number). Generally, the bar code placed on books is and there is a graphic representation of number ISBN. By the way, now numbers ISBN already 13-place: before that complex of figures that occurred initially, EAN - an ovsky prefix 978 - book production is put. When the resource of this prefix ends, will be used following - 979, too reserved in EAN under books.

Figures at an abbreviation of ISBN are divided by hyphens into five groups. The first group - already mentioned prefix 978 (in the future 979), the designating type of products of “book“.

The second group is a designation of registration group. Books of the Russian-speaking countries have as a part of this group one figure - 5. Belarus, by the way, passes with three figures - 985, as well as Ukraine - 966.

The third group of figures in which them can be from 2 to 7 is number of the registrant, that is - the publisher or the publishing organization, received from the Russian book chamber. Use of these numbers is strictly controlled, national agencies have to request rooms in the International agency.

The fourth group of figures means the room of the edition in concrete publishing house - serial, at through numbering.

At last, finishes number ISBN the target figure entered for check on special algorithm of correctness of numbers of the publisher and the edition.

To whom these numbers are necessary? First of all - to publishers. This code reports about the edition and about publishing house all information, necessary for promotion of the book. There is enough message in the Internet - the searcher such number - and you will get on the page of publishing house or shop where all data on the book are reported: the author, the name, a format, volume, is brought the short summary.

In - the second, are necessary to book sellers. Existence of such number allows to define instantly and unambiguously the book without any additional expenses of time and work. What, in turn, provides accurate passing of goods in accounting and warehouse programs, receipt in trade.

In - the third, these numbers are necessary to authors of books - if they count that their books will be registered in the Russian book chamber, will enter into it “The book chronicle“, will be accepted by book sellers for realization.

In - the fourth, numbers are necessary to readers - according to number it is possible to find any book which appeared since 1970 with number ISBN. The same number will report also data on publishing house - at least how many books it let out how long works in this branch (than less number of the registrant and than more serial number of the edition - subjects fully business). Look at any article in Wikipedia - and be assured that in other articles of the reference are provided with editions with ISBN. To define for itself - it is worth or not trusting such reference - you descend according to number.

Generally, this number including the Russian publishing house in the international community, opening for readers of the whole world access to editions from around the world is necessary to all.

Therefore the Book chamber provides publishers with numbers for which publishing houses pay money. Respectively, we pay and we are buyers of books.