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As I began to work on the Internet and created the website.

about the website Ongruz Here decided to write article. I Will begin with what got long ago to me about 5 years ago to work as
in to Mostva in protection at firm. There got acquainted with the Administrator of firm. The person is good. But you know in protection drudgery full. And here I asked permissions to uses of the Internet (in balgy intentions). And from this day began to study HTML (Html). Farther at made the first website on the designer. Of course I was glad when there was something special. But there was time there was a wish bigger and already 5 years passed now I know programming language (Piachpi - - PHP). Knowing this language before the Webmaster more opportunity for writing to functionality of the website open. Now at me to etyet the full-fledged Free website for those who needs zagruk for mobile. There are several categories which I have on the website.
of ru/gruz/index. php? d=1690] Pictures - the Photo
of ru/gruz/index. php? d=4] Warehouse of Video
ru/gruz/index. php? d=13] Animaiya`s
Archive ru/gruz/index. php? d=3] Music on the Categories
ru/gruz/index. php? d=1] Collection of Toys
ru/gruz/index. php? d=5] Selection of the
Programs of ru/gruz/index. php? d=61] Music on Genres
of ru/gruz/index. php? d=1743] the Best Subjects
ru/gruz/index. php? d=1796] Library - Books
ru/gruz/index. php? d=13786] the Flash of Loading
Is still categories for Adult
of ru/xxxfoto1] the First category [/URL]
of ru/video4/index. php? d=82469] Second category
ru/video4/index. php? d=7665] the Third category
Well I will not list everything. Article has fact-finding character.
And so. As you can see loadings much are also replenished with each dnyo. Knowing only 2 languages of a progarmirovaniye before you Yuolshy opportunities before writing of the good qualitative website open. Information is provided by the

Site administrator of Ongruz.

When copying article specify by ru the website a source. All thanks.