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Shortcomings - it is good?

Why we do not love the shortcomings? We do not want to know about the bad qualities and we do not recognize it in others. And all have them without any exception. Yes, none of us can brag of lack of shortcomings! And the more we about them suppress, the more loudly they declare themselves.

There is it the classical test for uncertain people. The merits and demerits ask to write them. As a rule, shortcomings of lists much more, than advantages. And, of course, at once it is visible what it is necessary to work on. It is necessary to open in itself and to develop advantages.

Still psychologists suggest “to wrap up“ shortcomings in advantages. For example, they thought up that the zanudnost is a thoroughness. Or: the obstinacy is a persistence. Etc. Wrong it! Shortcomings should be accepted and respected such what they are! And not to think out them “wrapper“ - a justification.

Negative qualities can and be overcome if you want. But only after acceptance. Otherwise - it will not turn out. In changes it is important to remember: how many aspire to good, and the back of a medal will be always. Ideals do not happen. Therefore it is so important to treat shortcomings sensibly.

Than are good our shortcomings?

Shortcomings as well as advantages, are that complex of qualities which distinguish you from other people. Shortcomings are your feature, originality, an exclusivity if you want. And you such what is. Not bad, not good, but special!
And still existence of shortcomings says that you are persons. Not God, not an ideal, but terrestrial, natural person. Same, as well as all of us (similar to the others the fact of existence of shortcomings).

Shortcomings are a part you. It even you, in some degree. And himself should be loved. Completely, without any exception. Give, smile to personal and others` shortcomings! By the way, why “nedo -“? Today we nedo - statka will call to - statka!

Today I parked the car at an entrance of the grandmother who does not love when under her window someone parks. The grandmother, not an ispugavshiskholoda, dexterously opened a window and the well-aimed movement of a hand threw rotten egg on the car! And got!

Wanted to become angry, and then it was presented... with what diligence the grandmother of egg throws it! At the beginner then it will not turn out. And it time - and one movement of a hand and at once in the purpose! Thought and involuntarily smiled.

And yesterday in our yard someone managed to drive the car to a playground! At night! What there a sin to conceal, here I began to become angry. And then presented … It as the driver - the poor fellow managed to protisnut the car between trees and bushes, to jump over snowdrifts, to creep on small off road terrain. How many works - that he had to apply how many abilities at the same time to show. Purposely you will not think up it! Thought - and smiled.

And recently in a coffee house brought to me hardly - hardly lukewarm coffee. I half an hour waited for this coffee! Also waited not hot drink, but already cooling. I was told: “It at us technology such“. I air inhaled more to swear, and … presented. It as it was necessary to umuchitsya with this coffee! At first to weld, then to add warm cream, then to cool , and only then to bring to me. This technology! Thought and smiled.

Our top neighbors regularly suited a night sit-round gathering. To tell more precisely, not a sit-round gathering, but pogonyalka. Had fun so fervently that managed all entrance to wake. At the next sad night I woken and angry, sat in kitchen in an anticipation of the revenge. And then took a detached view of herself. Shaggy, with the warped person the aunt in a night dress sits in kitchen at night and thinks out artful mstyu. Also smiled. However, to the district police officer next morning all the same descended. And, despite the administrative penalty paid by them, we greet the top neighbors and even sometimes we smile. And what to be angry - that?!

And once my husband saw a fine dream. According to him, he realized something great, special. And its inspiration was so strong that he found forces to rise and write that important that it condescended to it. Not to forget. Having left an inscription in kitchen, he with quiet soul and with feeling of the fulfilled duty went to sleep. Next morning he was woken by the indignant mother-in-law who apprehended the words “chervukhlivy chamkalka!“ in the address. And then, having learned all history, took a detached view of herself and smiled to the nonsense.

The scattered socks which the hostess should look for on a smell raise a smile too. It scatters socks easily, easy, skillfully... And it - too skillfully, but long and hardly - them finds.

Crumbs which kids left on a sheet raise a smile too. And when children manage to eat on a bed, passing a vigilant look of parents? And how the husband feels even the smallest bittock which will see - that not everyone?! Well precisely, the prince on a pea!

If to look around, it is possible to see so many prosperities at each of us! Remarkable, darling,s silly and ridiculous. Such ordinary, human. So let`s love and accept each other such what we are!