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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 17 - 18? “The woman in black“, etc.

So far the blockbuster “John Carter“ breaks records of attendance and financial collecting in the Russian hire, the new portion of spring film novelties prepares for an exit to screens of domestic movie theaters...

Among the first our viewer will be able to estimate new work of Hindu Tarsem Sinkh “The Snow White and revenge of gnomes“, and also, after the American audience, to try to get used that Daniel Radcliff does not swing a magic wand any more.

The homeland prepared for public the next test in the form of big-bellied Galustyan with the motor in the family comedy “That Still Karloson!“ while the European cinema this week is presented only by dramas and melodramas. Among the last - two tapes from Great Britain and one - from Spain. And now is more detailed:

1. “The woman in black“ (The Woman in Black, 2012)

Clear business that the lion`s share of the attention which dropped out on the next screen version of the Gothic novel Susan Hill is connected with participation in Daniel Radcliff`s statement. Even those who are absolutely indifferent to mysticism and a genre of horror films went to take a look at a new image of the actor who grew up from Harry Potter`s drawers. Over the ocean work of the director James Watkins (“The paradise lake“) thanks to this fact unexpectedly gave a surprise to the creators in the form of a set of green banknotes. Only in the USA the modest thriller earned fifty millions, and the figure of world collecting by means of our audience, most likely, will exceed also one hundred.

Except for finally matured botanist, “The woman in black“ represents traditional “bu! zhutik“ with the set of stamps which set the teeth on edge. The young lawyer - the widower comes to the deaf British village to issue pieces of paper, and in exchange it appears in the middle of circulation of the death and nightmares pursuing locals. In respect of an idea the tape will remind much the well-known “Sleepy hollow“ of Tim Burton, however Radcliff - for the present not Depp, and to Watkins is infinitely far to talent of the Hollywood “gloomy storyteller“.

2. “Snow White: Revenge of gnomes“ (Mirror Mirror, 2012)

again domestic localizers translated to

I the name of a tape, being inspired by a context. Really, not to call the Hollywood fenteziyny blockbuster worth 150 million “Mirror, a mirror“. And on bigger, it seems “My light a pocket mirror, tell“, Pushkin`s talent is necessary, at least.

As expected, a vizualist Tarsem Sinkh turned all the famous fairy tale into circus with horses. To the director did not allow to involve the invited star Julia Roberts in krovavo - raschlenitelny fights, and therefore he just decided to postebatsya over a plot of “Snow White“, having turned a masterpiece of brothers Grimm in tritely - festive buffoonery. And songs will be too, do not doubt.

Not all money left on Roberts`s fee. The part was quite consciously a vbukhana in special effects and a make-up with which Sinkh likes to indulge the viewer too. However the fairy tale is a special genre which needs to be loved and cherished like the baby, otherwise will inevitably slide in the parody. Sinkh, at all respect, the great master to sow on the screen bad and eternal, coped with the task only partially. At movie theater it will be not dull also in places ridiculously, but I did not recommend to take children on this movie.

3. “That still Karloson! “ (2012)

Notorious Sarik Andreasyan, the author of a remake of “Office romance“ and clone of American “Junior“ (“Pregnant“), thank God, did not decide to adapt literally to modern realities Astrid Lindgren`s story world famous and well-loved by many about well-fad and ill-bred Carlson. Andreasyan, as usual, pretended that he shoots especially the, unique film, at the same time, having squeezed everything that badly lay from a children`s masterpiece of the Swedish writer. The only original idea of the movie was the fact that Karloson actually - only an iceberg top. It appears, the whole crowd of so-called “metrik“ - the chubby pudges with propellers urged to solve sore children`s problems lives in the world of people.

Our cinematographers already forgot to shoot film for children. Today the children`s movie (and the cinema about Carlson is a children`s movie???) - these are adult jokes, visit a striptease - bar and the leading man who already thoroughly soiled the reputation participation in any doubtful projects. What is removed for the sake of money, and in it doubts are not present any because here and did not smell of high art, is always focused on those who have this money and dispose. It is a pity only that adults are even less picky recently, than their offsprings.

4. “The trap for the bride“ (The Decoy Bride, 2011)

Appears, not only our film figures an uncertain gait clone Hollywood. British can fake and publish something, bearing a faint resemblance to the best movies from Jennifer Lopez too. You judge.

A wedding of the known American star and its English fight - the friend cannot take place in any way because the star does not transfer ubiquitous paparazzi to spirit. To such an extent that it is ready to palm off on crafty reporters a forgery in the person of the rural maiden who agrees “to suffer“ moaning of the groom and close attention of the press for a small bribe. The miss is that the false body will soon want to take the place of the real bride. Be not frightened, will do without bloodshed. The melodrama everything is. But especially you should not count on “the flying sparks“ and unearthly passion. The picture turned out too equal, unartful, rectilinear. Authors of a masterpiece “Four weddings and one funeral“ can still sleep peacefully.

Crumbs from a table of entertaining projects will collect movies more - less serious, two of which will pass in limited hire at all. It is about the Spanish comedy “A love puzzle“ (Puzzled Love, 2010) and the English drama “Tyrannosaur“ (Tyrannosaur, 2011) . Spaniards pulled hard on the project a crowd: at “A love puzzle“ of the whole 13 directors. Nevertheless it is not the so next kaleidoscope of destinies and events, and quite traditional melodrama about the relations of two young people within 13 months that remained it from study in Barcelona. The European origin affected and on the picture - bright, juicy types of the nature are replaced by chamber plans of toilets, and naked bums in a shot flash unacceptably often for a wide release. And what you wanted for 10 thousand euros? The student`s budget - student`s passions.

Which - who considers Paddy Konsidayn`s “Tyrannosaur“ not only the best debut (a prize of the British film academy), but also in general the best movie of Foggy Albion of 2011. The viscous drama about the relations of the old drunkard and shop assistant against suburban England unknown to a wide range of the audience really sets thinking on much. For example, that it is possible to atone for any sins. There would be a desire.

That who is not eager to savor foreign realities, preferring the, domestic despair, it is recommended to pay attention to “Bedouin“ Igor Voloshin, the author of the tape “Olimpius Inferno“. Gray life, gloomy prospects, a heavy share accompany ancient saying “The grass is always greener on the other side“. The main character of the movie manages to escape, but what price?

The present film week turned out such: mystical, fantastic, silly, but nevertheless dobra. In next weekends we should estimate at 3D Disney`s masterpiece of animation “The Lion King“, to get acquainted with the engaged “Hungry games“ going for change to “Twilight“ and to spend “Cheerful vacation“ together with Mel Gibson.