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Whether it is easy to make repentance?

“Will not sin - will not confess“, - the national floor board, and the people says in vain thinks out nothing, concluding the centuries-old wisdom in parables and proverbs. The sin and repentance belong to objects of religious sense where the understanding of sinfulness correlates the person from definitely life. With those public morals which treat certain norms of social behavior of the person.

Now as it is accepted to speak sometimes, society at us free, many-sided and different. It is separated from religious obscurantism and sectarianism when the person himself defines the direction for the confession choice. Confession, or departure of religious needs of the person is rather certain behavior before a confession which precedes repentance about which there is a speech.

As many Soviet people who were not receiving in the life of religious education to all questions connected with religion I remained is indifferent. Also I do not take any liking for religion, I also do not understand the people saying that it is necessary to love God. On a question that I have to make to realize divine clemency - to put one hundred bows or one million times to say some prayer, nobody gave the answer to me.

It is not given. It is not worthy, probably, this clemency on a way of life of the and on an image of the thinking. However, as the person baptized, periodically I visit church, and even underwent repentance procedure when within three months periodically went to a confession, repented of sins and received a participle. There was it not at my good will, and thanks to a case which has no relation to religions.

... The group in which I was engaged did practical training, connected with repentance, and I told the head that he is not a priest, and I am not obliged to open before it soul. And I will go better to church where there is a special person making this procedure. Then, having had a certain training before a confession, I approached in due time the priest and... absolutely forgot all the sins which was going to regret.

The priest, having told: “It is necessary to write down“, suggested to remember negative thoughts or some wishes. And here I remembered that I went recently to church to check information of the torsion affairs of masters and other academicians - “esotericists“ on the energiya which are present during church service - to look on these energy and as their colors change during church service. What I also reported to the priest about.

On the lingering studying priest`s look I hurried to assure it that not the madman. On a question whether the psychic faces it, I answered is not present, just practice of some east schools, such, for example, as to “nindzyuets“, allow to develop not absolutely usual physical and sensual abilities at the person. And that I am not ready to regret the abilities now, without understanding, than they are objectionable to God.

So my repentance which continued within three months when I remembered the sinful activity began, wrote down all sins on paper with which went then to church. There were many sins, and on my question that it will not be absolutely honest for my part when I as the power engineering specialist realize that occurs at the time of a confession, the priest answered: “Arrive as has to, and there not your business“...

People treat need for human life of a confession and repentance variously. Everyone according to own consciousness and the saved-up life experience. For example, parishioners of church of such problem before themselves do not put, every month passing sacrament of clarification and a participle without any psychological tension and restrictions.

Others prefer a reasoning and a mudrovaniye concerning correctness of carrying out procedure and participation in it of the priest when “priest“ himself can be sinful or the repenting person can do it formally, without showing a sincere regret about deeds a sin. It is impossible to get into the head to the person and to see what he thinks at the time of repentance of!

Such sophistication is similar to how having come into the house to the neighbor, the person begins to prove to it that that lives incorrectly and it needs to change vital way for another. Without being a member of a church community and without knowing the canons existing there, the person tries to prove that the priest cannot absolve sins, making spiritual clarification.

Such critics do not understand that the priest who is present at a confession is only the witness of that circumstance that repenting itself voluntarily sounds all the affairs and acts which considers sinful. The personal mission about which to not religious person and the nobility it is optional is assigned to the priest accepting repentance.

Often happens that the similar criticism proceeds from people who subconsciously are afraid of punishment for the negative acts and do not know as to get rid of them, without being a member of a religious community. Criticizing, they feel at the same time the huge hostility connected with envy to other people who have an opportunity “to be washed“ from the discrediting affairs and thoughts.

Me it is thought that the major semantic importance the religious sacrament connected with processes of repentance and remission of sins exists in order that hypochondriac people from impossibility to ask forgiveness at the one who is not present in this world any more did not go crazy. But one business when the ruling bishop on Forgiveness Sunday is kneeling and apologizes for the offenses caused is free or involuntarily, it is simple to it to do it.

Another matter when it the person does, as they say, usual. It is necessary to have a certain courage to sound the affairs and acts which in society are considered vicious though except the priest of it nobody hears. And sincerely the person repents or not, except him this question interests nobody. - that you will not deceive yourself.