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How to give a gift own hands? We do … a stub!

Yes, stub. In the most literal sense. And that … The excellent decor, does not demand either special knowledge, or abilities. Even hands can grow from where for them it is necessary if only were available. That is the effect is guaranteed for any beginner.

Besides, the stub can be amazingly multipurpose: a stub just like that, as a decor subject, a stub - a glass for handles - pencils, a stub - a vase (it is especially effective for wild flowers), a stub - a flowerpot, a stub - a casket, a stub - a box for jewelry, a stub - a candlestick (candlesticks for low round candles especially well turn out), a stub - an ashtray … Generally, applications a set, materials the simplest, production elementary, effect - stunning.

So what to begin with?

Naturally, from the project of a stub! Let`s be defined: what stub is required? For example, if you want to make a stub - an ashtray, then as a basis optimum to choose a low metal round cup. If the stub - a glass for handles - pencils, then a basis can be a glass jar, a plastic bottle, a disposable plastic glass. If the stub - a casket - here everything depends on the desirable sizes of a casket, and so the basis can be any, as in case of a stub - a glass. For a stub - a flowerpot it is better to choose a glass jar as a basis (especially if in the house is cat`s, interested in plants - that the stub turned out heavier that the played cat did not turn). For a stub - boxes for jewelry perfectly are suitable small bottles from - under drinking yogurts - they have optimum diameter.

We will look how the stub - a support for pencils and handles is made. Other variations become by the same principle. Only in case of just decorative stub the basis is placed a bottom up, and for production of a stub - a casket or a stub - boxes for jewelry need to be done still an internal upholstery and a cover (the upholstery is made of cotton wool, and fabric from above is pasted, the cover is cut out from a dense cardboard, and then it is pasted over with paper or it is plastered).

As the stub was necessary heavy, as a basis the glass jar was used, and as the main material plaster was chosen.

For a start the glass jar is pasted to a support, and then carefully pasted over with a gauze (the subsequent layers adjoin to a gauze better). For creation of the invoice of bark tow was used, but it is possible to do also without it, having just covered with bank with plaster, creating therein the necessary roughnesses imitating the invoice of bark. However, if to manage only plaster, then in many places the layer of plaster will be thickish, can crack.

If there is a wish to make the sticking-out piece of bark, then to a basis it is necessary to glue a support for such piece. In our case pieces of branches were used. It is possible to use also a wire. The fittings are wound with a gauze, tow, and then plastered, as well as a stub.

After plaster will dry, the stub is painted. To optimum use acrylic paints though it is possible to paint also with a water color. But it is necessary to consider that plaster absorbs a water color as a sponge, and as a result paint becomes colourless a little. It is necessary to paint in several layers, and still the stub turns out quite light.

If you want to decorate a stub a flower garland, leaves and so on, then after coloring paste a green string - a branch, or a usual string which can be painted green color. In this case (see a photo) the usual string was pasted, then painted, and then to it the flowers and leaves made of plasticity were glued.

If you want to make the easiest stub, then as a basis use plastic bottles, and as material for a stub - toilet paper or old newspapers. Paper is pasted to a basis by layers on PVA glue (it turns out almost to a papya - Masha - after drying a stub firm and strong). In the course of gluing roughnesses of “bark“ are formed. And then, when everything dries, the stub is painted and decorated as well as plaster.

After all manipulations the stub becomes covered by a varnish and is ready to the use!