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How I chose the nurse?

the First time the nurse was necessary for me when the daughter was four years old. I very much wanted to go with the husband for corporate action in theater and as we moved from Lviv to Kiev, neither grandmothers, nor girlfriends, nor relatives... In this city we had nobody whom it would be possible to ask to sit with the child.

Also we for a couple of hours decided to take the nurse. Even found the mountain of announcements “the Governess. Hourly“. As it appeared after several calls on the offered numbers, so themselves in the capital called by prostitutes. “Governesses“ are everything as on selection, appeared with sense of humour and promised to sit not only with the child, but also with the husband.

But it was the incidental requirement.

Real need to employ the nurse came as soon as the daughter from a garden went to school. The garden worked till the evening, and I took away the child after work. And here school - five lessons. And further?

The people imparted experience: to hang out announcements in the district of hiring of students for supervision. It did not suit me categorically in many parameters. The second: by method of poll to look for in the or the neighboring houses the pensioner who will take away the daughter from school, to bring home, to feed with the left lunch and to do homework with it before my return from work. It would suit me, I even began to interrogate the contingent on a shop: “Who wishes to work?“ There were many persons interested, everyone had conditions. To think was over what...

I shared the reflections with the good acquaintance in the market from whom I always took panty hoses and socks. Vika listened to my confused speeches and offered: “Want I it I will take away? It has just an after-school club to five, and I work to five! I will take away, bring home, to feed and wait for you!“

just started In those days series of “Nian Vick“, all his hard drinking looked. But even not associations with series induced me to answer immediately “I Want!“ Very much suited me that I trust the child to the person whom I know which knows me. The person working. Sensible. And just causing sympathy.

I day then did not regret about the decision! All conditions babusheknapominat a rider of stars. Nian Vick was without excess difficulties. What I am grateful to it for. And that week payment about which we agreed could not pay back the heart and soul put by it!

Victoria could be always beyond stipulated: if the daughter was capricious and did not want to eat soup - Vika baked fritters. If on the street the rain became cold or went - Vika followed the child with a raincoat and a sviterochok. If the small soplivila - Vika bought raspberry for the money and gave to drink to the baby tea. For good marks indulged candies. - lectured for bad.

My Victoria became me the native person! Unintentionally all my dreams came true! The fact that it seemed a plot for the family movie earlier - became reality for us.

No, do not think of similarity with Anastasia Zavorotnyuk! Our Victoria was rather similar to the Scandinavian goddess with a strong large figure, a tremendous decollete, biryuzovo - honor with green eyes and a black straight hair to a belt. But it collected hair under a crest on a nape. In this woman there was so much wisdom, humour, tranquility. Earlier the daughter could enrage me instantly on shout or moaning to elicit something. With Victoria did not pass it! Also in Lviv the daughter took a manner to pretend that she here - here will pull out it over a plate from grandmothers. Victoria quietly and with a smile watched solo performance, then stated an assessment: “Well give already, and that long you gather. Then eat all that you will pull out in a plate. Just warmed up will be!“ The daughter did not find “grateful audience“ for the exercises in her face. Also learned to eat quickly.

But it found an example for imitation in the daughter of our nurse. Already young girl, too the beauty, Lena, sometimes came to mother in the evening and told something interesting, the baby observed for sincere, frank, but full of respect, the relations of Victoria with her daughter. Also adopted.

Victoria and me taught much. But most of all - lives.

Though once, putting shoes on in a corridor and having nestled inadvertently on badly insulated socket in a wall, the nurse Vika taught us and to new words. But also it should be known.

When burst crisis and to me began to employ beyond the means the nurse (at work I spoke “governess“), parting with Vika for me was as to cut off a piece of. Still often I remember it, I lack it very much! To the daughter too!

From - for the same crisis in the market lifted rent, and Vika passed to work closer to the house, into absolutely other district of Kiev...

If to ask me sometime as it is better for schoolgirl to find the nurse, I, of course, will tell both about students, and about grandmothers on a shop at an entrance. And itself I will think: and here I was lucky to find the unique nurse! God gave such! I will just wish all to find the “native nurse“ which you will remember then with heat. Or perhaps also write about it verses? Pushkin - that about the wrote!