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How our hobbies influence character?

“Are necessary for each person some hobby …“ - Frederik Beigbeder in the novel “99 francs“ wrote. And recently it is possible to notice the interesting fact that more and more people try to find some occupation “as a hobby“, or, simply speaking, a hobby.

Psychologists declared for a long time that the hobby promotes development of the harmonious personality therefore people who like to knit, sew are engaged in gardening or collect stamps, live in harmony with the world and the feelings, endure a stress better and have no nervous breakdowns. But very few people know that the hobby can tell a lot of things about the person, and in particular about his character.

So people who love tranquility do not break the constant rhythm of life and badly transfer sharp changes, are inclined to such types of a hobby as a collecting something or collecting. The person who is inclined to a privacy and a slow collecting of calendar cards, brands, coins or other objects most often differs in the closed and quiet character. Such people need the personal lonely space which they try to create, collecting something that is valuable only to them.

Hobbies which are connected with extreme or active sports most of all suit those people who perceive the life and surrounding people through all bodies of perception. It is difficult for such people to derive pleasure therefore they try to find something interesting to them through an extreme. Those who choose parachutism, rock-climbing, a skating and other sports try to find meaning of life in the continuous movement, achievement of new and new tops. Fortunately, most often such people by an old age diminish the heat a little though their organism all the same wishes to receive a certain portion of adrenaline.

Of course, sports it is also possible to call some kind of hobby. Play sports not only because want to derive pleasure. Recently sports became the real craze, and also one of opportunities to lose excess weight, to receive a beautiful sports body. But those who perceive sport and occupation in the gym as the hobby are people stress-resistant, psychologically strong. Often happens that such people have rather difficult character, and only sports loadings allow them to recover a little.

People who seek for creativity often collect works of art or are engaged in something that can decorate their house. Here it is possible to call such hobbies as gardening, knitting, sewing, embroidery, and also such scrapbooking, a kvilling, an embossing, popular in foreign countries. Very often people who are engaged in such hobbies are a little reserved, about them can tell “go woolgathering“, they can forget about a lot of things if they suddenly decided to do favorite thing.

Psychologists claim for a long time that the hobby which is chosen for himself by the person entirely depends on his character. But the main thing that hobby allows us to have a rest, endure a few the difficult periods in life and to find the mission. Often happens that the hobby develops into something much more bigger.