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How collectors beat out debts from debtors of housing and communal services? Who does not know

, collectors or collector agencies provide services in return of debts from debtors. They do it by lawful and illegal methods for certain percent. And so, these agencies reached also to zhilishchno - municipal services. Let`s tell how collectors beat out debts from debtors of housing and communal services.

Private business always aspires there where it is possible to earn money. Well, and housing sector - as a black hole in the budget of the country who is not fed only here. Figures of debts here very impressive. For the end of last year the debt of the population on fee of housing and communal services made more than 780 billion rubles. From them for heating - 35%, for hot water - 20%, for gas - 13%, for electricity - 9%. Despite complexity of work in this sphere, to collectors is than will profit. The created commissions on collecting debts of housing and communal services do not cope.

Here the large companies in system zhilishchno - municipal services also began to address to collector agencies as they work in a pre-judicial order and mastiffs quickly enough can beat out. It to you not bailiffs, generally women who begin to act only after carrying out procedure of court. And malicious defaulters - that in Russia millions. So far they will be reached by judicial turn...

So, collectors began to beat out debts from debtors of housing and communal services. Let`s draw a portrait of the average defaulter of a rent. As a rule, it is the woman living in the city, about 50-55 years, owed the sum of 20 - 30 thousand rubles in 4-5 months. Here collector agencies which staff is recruited by lawyers, psychologists and the former law enforcement officers also struggle with such debtors. Forces here obviously unequal.

History of collectors leaves in recent 90 - e years when mobsters beat out debts from debtors easily and simply. Then was used not only the moral pressure, but also a number of tools in the form of irons, soldering irons and door jambs. These are strong arguments, and money for closing of a debt was quickly. As a last resort, not to pay to bandits superfluous on the counter exposed to them, it was necessary to sell the car, and even the apartment quickly. Life is more expensive than acquired.

Now procedure of return of debts was included into more civilized course. What ways of influence use collectors in the work?

Begin usually with the fact that try to convince the defaulter voluntarily to satisfy the available debt. It can be the strict letter to the debtor about failure to pay debts on housing and communal services and phone calls on a home telephone number. He is convinced that it is better to pay, than to wait for a judgment and increase in penalties. Sometimes the whole combinations with involvement of friends and relatives of debtors are developed.

If such “easy“ ways of return of a debt to positive result do not bring, then influence more rigid, with threats to sell the defaulter`s debt on housing and communal services to “black collectors“, and with the description of details can be used. You already guessed, probably, that “black collectors“ are those which do not avoid to use for knocking-out of debts methods 90 - x years.

Here that expects debtors of housing and communal services in Moscow and in other cities of Russia. And until our citizens cease is malicious not to pay for housing and communal services, collector agencies will not be left without work.