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Modern mixers: what they are?

Modern mixers for bathrooms and kitchens - an important element of design of the apartment. We use them rather often. And the choice of models is huge here - from usual classics and a retro to the most extravagant forms. And to choose the mixer - business, it appears, difficult. Let`s try to understand them.

Models of mixers can be divided into two big groups: for bathrooms (a bathtub, a sink, a bidet) and kitchens. For the first the design and external appeal, is more important for the second - generally functionality. And the main constructive distinction of all mixers is the mechanism type for water supply. On this sign mixers subdivide on lever, valve and touch.

Modern lever mixers are distinguished by convenience of management of water flow. Its pressure can be adjusted instantly one movement, having lifted or having lowered the lever. Temperature is set by its easy turn to the right or to the left. More advanced version of the lever mixer is a crane with the vertical regulator of type (it is similar in a form to the tiny handle of switching of speeds of the car).

Lever mixers are various and extravagant. Happen, for example, in the form of the saucer made of color glass to the regulator in the middle and the built-in illumination. Water flows directly too much saucers a wide stream here. Originally also mixers with high curved tubular izliva look. Laid on bowls - sinks from ceramics best of all are suitable for them or flew down.

The price of lever models of mixers for bathrooms fluctuates from 1-2 thousand to 4-6 thousand rubles and even more for the latest models equipped with additional functions or illumination.

Modern valve mixers thanks to the simplicity, reliability and the low price are still popular with the consumer. Models cheap are equipped with the crane - an axle box, having traditional rubber laying. Lack of such design of the valve mixer is that over time this laying is erased, and it should be replaced. More advanced mixer is equipped with the crane - an axle box with the ceramic valve. It, besides durability, is good also the fact that water can be started up, having turned the crane on only a quarter of a turn.

According to reviews, models of mixers with roundish four-blade or cylindrical gates from metal, ceramics or plastic and the case made of the chromeplated steel are most popular.

Compact and inexpensive valve mixers cost within 1-1,5 thousand rubles. More modern models with elements of a decor offer for 4-6 thousand.

In the western countries and in Japan for a bathroom use touch, or contactless models of mixers long ago. They appeared already and in our market, having interested consumers. It is explained by convenience of use and profitability. It is enough to bring hands to an izliv as the built-in automatic equipment will open the crane and will start up water.

Some models can remember several values of a pressure of water and its temperature. There are models of touch mixers which highlight a water stream, depending on its temperature, for example, from blue to red flowers.

The price of contactless mixers, of course, is high and begins from 4 thousand rubles. However they have a common fault - dependence on connection to an electric network. Without it “clever“ electronics will not work.

Modern mixers for kitchen differ in the functionality. They have to help to carry out various tasks: to wash the dishes, to rinse fruit and vegetables, to fill with water ware and household filters. A distinctive feature of such cranes - rotary and rather high having poured out. It must be kept in mind that the water stream from the crane has to get precisely to the center of a sink where the drain opening is located. Otherwise the surface of a sink will be constantly splashed.

How to choose the good mixer on kitchen, their types happen the most different? For deep and dual sinks are required longer and large. Modern mixers for kitchen can be supplied with a shower head on a flexible hose or a sliding izliv with the spring holder. Also there are models with a double nose: low - for washing of ware, high and rotary - for filling by water of various capacities. Most often kitchen mixers happen lever type. The prices - from 1,5 to 6-8 thousand rubles.

Production of such German brands as Dornbracht Grohe, Hansgrohe, Hansa, Jado, Kenco, Joerger, Kludi, Villerog and Boch is considered a standard of reliability, quality and durability. Guarantee for such products not less than 5 years. Also mixers of the Italian, French, Spanish and Finnish producers are good. The budgetary segment is filled with the Chinese and domestic production.

Upon purchase of mixers turn attention to quality of a covering of cranes and material of which they are manufactured. High-quality mixers are manufactured of brass, have a multilayered chromic covering and it is twice heavier than doubtful production. Cranes from cheap alloys are afraid of corrosion and pressure jumps of water which often happen in our systems.

Well, and last council. For a sink, bathtubs and the bidet is better to select mixers of one brand and identical registration.