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How to warm a balcony or a loggia?

That space of a balcony or loggia did not vanish in vain, it is possible to convert them in a study, a recreation area or a greenhouse. For this purpose it is necessary to carry out a certain work - first of all, to make this utility room warm. Let`s tell about an order of warming of a balcony or a loggia.

Really, idea of a loggia or a balcony as the place for storage of flowerpots, skis and bicycles, for drying of linen and so forth became obsolete long ago. Most of city dwellers seeks to increase the useful area of the apartment at the expense of these elements of a house.

With what to begin warming of a balcony or loggia? In many apartment houses the parapet (an external protection of a balcony) is absent. Instead of a capital partition there is a metal lattice sheathed by an asbotsementny leaf. Therefore it is necessary to begin warming of a balcony with construction of a wall. For this purpose it is possible to use a brick, but it is better foam concrete blocks. They easier and rather large. To stack them quickly and simply. Only it is necessary not to forget to process them moisture resistant means.

Before warming of a loggia or balcony, they, of course, are required to be glazed. It is better to charge this work to experts though it is possible to manage and by own efforts. If masters glaze your balcony, warn them that his warming is necessary. Then they will consider the sizes of double-glazed windows that the heater did not creep on windows and loops.

However we will return to warming of a parapet. Stop up all cracks with pieces of polyfoam or the made foam polyethylene inside. Mount a wooden obreshetka, strengthen on her sheets of polyfoam or wadded mats. Rules of warming of a balcony provide a covering of external part of a parapet a plastic siding or corrugated metal.

Warming of a floor of a balcony should be begun with alignment of a surface. For this purpose will approach it is cement - sandy mixes. If a floor on a loggia or a balcony is required to be raised, then it can be filled up with expanded clay, and two fractions to avoid sag. A draft floor becomes covered by a waterproofing layer on which stack polyfoam in chessboard order. It sheathes walls and a ceiling of a balcony. We fill in all cracks with polyurethane foam and we put the last layer of thermal insulation. Here best of all PENOFOL 3-10 mm thick will approach. Thus, we receive certain “thermos“ which will protect our balcony from cold, moisture, wind and noise.

The order of warming of balconies and a loggia provides their finishing finishing. Linoleum, a tile or a board will be suitable for a floor. If chose a board, then it needs to be put on logs. Walls and a ceiling can be sheathed lining or wooden panels. Their finishing is begun with installation of an obreshetka. At this stage it is worth laying an electrical wiring. To an obreshetka it is possible to fix not only lining, but also sheets of moisture resistant gypsum cardboard. They are grounded, puttied and pasted over with wall-paper.

Here such is the scheme of warming of a balcony or loggia. But as if they were warmed, the artificial source of heat is required here. It is known that pipes of a central heating on a balcony are forbidden to be taken out. Therefore it is necessary to use one of alternative options of heating: “warm“ film floor, heater, electrofireplace or conditioner. Well, and not to forget to connect lamps. Now on your balcony or a loggia warmly and light-.

P. S. Since December 1, 2012 obtaining permission to warming of balconies is not required to residents of Moscow.