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How it is correct to prepare for a gefilta Phish?

of Ways of preparation of this fish dish are a lot of. I offer you the classical recipe of the stuffed fish on - Jewish. From what fish it is the best of all to prepare a dish? Of course, from a pike. The Jewish recipe of the stuffed fish to a gefilta Phish - the classic of this genre of cookery.

Here that is required to us for the correct preparation of the stuffed fish for 10 portions:

- fresh pike weighing not less than 1,8-2 kg;
- onions - 500 g;
- carrots - 300 g;
- white loaf - 200 g;
- heavy cream - 500 ml;
- butter - 350 g;
- eggs - 8 pieces;
- garlic - 6 cloves;
- bay leaf - 1;
- vegetable oil;
- salt, black and allspice.

Keep in mind that preparation of this dish will take you not less than one and a half hours.

So, we begin with cleaning of a pike of scales. Then we cut off it a tail, fins, the head and we put them aside. We do a section on a paunch and we delete interiors. Properly we wash out a carcass. Then from within we make an incision on both sides from ridge costal bones, we reveal a pike as the book, we separate ridge and we delete all costal bones. Accurately we cut off meat of fish from her skin. Some scratch out it a spoon. It is necessary to begin from the place where there was a head. The knife at the same time should be held parallel to a surface of a finishing table. We put the cut-off pieces of fish in a bowl, and if necessary we straighten edges of skin.

Before cutting of fillet not to waste time, the tail, fins, bones and the head of a pike should be put in a pan, to fill in with water, to put on fire and to bring to boiling. Not to forget to remove foam. Then to add 2 carrots, 2 bulbs and a two-three of peas of pepper to broth. To cook no more than 20 minutes.

To chop the remained carrots, onions and garlic. To fry the first two ingredients in vegetable oil. To cut fish fillet more small and to mix with the garlic which remained crude onions, the fried vegetables and soaked in cream by white loaf. This mix needs to be passed via the meat grinder. According to the classical recipe, it will be correct to make it not less than three times.

We spread ready forcemeat in a bowl, we add the softened butter, eggs, salt, pepper and everything we mix.

Now we roll food wrap on a table, we display on it pike skin, we close on it cuts from a back fin pieces of fillet and we spread from above forcemeat, giving it the form of thick round sausage.

So far everything goes as it is necessary. We pass to the final stage. Accurately we wrap the made forcemeat at first in skin, and then in several layers of a film. It we tie edges in strong knots. From above it is possible even to wrap everything in a foil. Then we put this fish semi-finished product in suitable capacity like poultry roaster, we pour in our broth there and we cook 40 minutes.

We take out fish from a pan, we cool and we send to the refrigerator. The cooled stuffed pike prepared according to the Jewish recipe cut by portion pieces is served to a table with horse-radish.

P. S. The stuffed pike, or a gefilta Phish, at Jews is considered a festive dish. It can be prepared in special cases and for holidays Rosh ha - Shana, Pesakh. Each hostess considers that prepared by her (or, at the worst, as her mother, the mother-in-law or the brother`s mother-in-law), a gefilta Phish - the most tasty!

Source: “School of an epicure - the Collection of recipes“, No. 05 (133) March, 2012.