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there is no unambiguous opinion on from what language the word massage appeared. One say what from French - “to pound“, other of Arab - “gently to press“, and some claim that from Greek “to touch or drive a hand“. we can find
many various definitions In modern encyclopedias to this term. For example: massage is scientifically - the proved and almost verified dosed mechanical influence on body tissues for the purpose of strengthening of health, treatment, prevention of injuries, diseases and receiving pleasure.
massage History - is many-sided. It is impossible to tell that massage was invented by the specific person in a certain country. It arose and developed synchronously on many lands and continents. In China it is described in 3000 years B.C., in India in 700 years. Romans did massage after fights for removal of hematomas on a body and sprains. In Greece already since the time of Hippocrates on massage looked as at a way, truly and perfectly helping at many diseases. In Russia people always went to pair baths where liked “to pokhlestat“ a broom. A peculiar massage of a body which not seldom was followed by rubbing in of various broths, tinctures, from medicinal herbs, fats.
In modern reality massage is irreplaceable cure for many illnesses. It is used for strengthening of a stream of blood on an organism, relaxations of muscles and improvement of food by their blood. Reduces tension of muscles, stretching of sinews, spasms, gives a lot of energy, in the course of execution of a session of massage the organism emits the endorphins having powerful anesthetic and anti-inflammatory influence. The indication for massage are such diseases as: a headache, waist, back or neck pain, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, arthritis, neuralgia, bronchitis and pneumonia during recovery, and many others.
Is irreplaceable massage and for healthy people because the illness is simpler to warn, than then to treat it. Massage helps to keep a body and spirit in great shape, supports healthy skin, improves the movement of a lymph and blood, calms tired muscles and improves mobility of joints, provides the general relaxation, improves health, increases immunity, helps to reduce stress. For this reason the session of the general classical massage is recommended to hold by everything to healthy people at least once a week. Massage is not panacea and on it it has to be carried out taking into account age and many other features of each specific person. Massage for people of advanced age has to be softer. The first sessions it is always shorter and easier. The main contraindications to holding a session of massage are: fevers and high temperature of a body, purulent diseases, skin diseases, atherosclerosis, the expressed varicosity and others. Of course, as well as any procedure, massage the expert has to carry out
, only he knows what receptions are necessary to each specific person. Here all very individually. Along with classic methods, such as stroking (sliding on skin), grinding (shift or stretching of skin), a razminaniye (a pripodnimaniye, squeezing and shift of skin) and shock receptions (drawing various blows a hand); there are also auxiliary receptions as, for example, a potryakhivaniye, a fulling, stirring and vibration, well and, of course, the active and passive movements.
All this dry, scientific and already rather the shabby truth which can be read in any literature on massage. But what, all - the person who took the responsibility for the health and came to massage receives? “Feelings that the body is dissolved …“, “… any diet will not be compared to magnificent game of hands of the massage therapist …“, “… puffiness fell down, shoes became me big …“, “… it became easier to breathe...“, “… became more elastic, mobile, tightened …“, “… inflow of vital energy was felt …“, “… eyes … opened“, “… so quickly it was succeeded to grow thin …“, “… I love myself … simply more“.