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In what “BLOW“ it is possible to prevent any blow?

Time now difficult. Difficult for all. And when it was simple? Not without reason poets of the past composed something like it...

“Do not waste time,
Is young you or is old. learn in
to answer
with Blow blow“
From the Japanese medieval treatise.

Good vital philosophy. Correct. Only not everything it is allowed to bear even the first blow not that to answer then. So it is better to prevent this “accent“ somehow. In a word, and better business. And one more remark: if defending intends to defend from somebody, with a stick it will be more convenient, than without stick, with the weapon it is much better than without weapon … Only on the weapon permission is necessary. And consequences can be unpredictable as for the forward, and, then already, for defending.

And if the second offer to write so: “learn to answer with BLOW blow“, it will be even better if to consider that “BLOW - the Device of the Dosed Aerosol Dispersion is means of self-defense and it is intended for an aim throwing of liquid compoundings in a face (eyes) to the forward“. The quote from the website of firm of the producer.

The BLOW is made now by Kirov Plant “Beacon“. Official site of the producer of kirov. ru.

The cartridge to this peculiar weapon is called BASS (Barrel Aerosol Small-sized). Bam in the head and … do legs until the bamnuty companion recovers. And there will be it at a successful shot not earlier than through fifteen - twenty minutes, and even half an hour.

Quote: “The effect is very decent: shot from two meters, eyes are slightly slightly opened (et I foolishly slightly opened them), felt how a stream slightly podvyvernut eyelids, and then the standard: I went blind, tears, snivels, an ugly face zhgyot. Began to wash from a bottle - only worse (everything on the person was smeared, but nothing was washed away), as a result it was necessary to drag me the blind person to the house, and there I long washed under the crane (total minutes 30 - 40 blindnesses without any tendencies to improvement)“ . From the forum ru

an Ancestor of this terrible weapon is the Jasmine complex with gas cartridges “Violet“ developed by request of KGB of the USSR at the end of 70 - x years of the twentieth century for possible application during the summer Olympic Games of 1980 … The weapon had the metal case and passed all tests put for the military weapon. Actually, modern “BLOW“ is the same KGB - shny “Jasmine“, only the case at it not from metal, and from shock-resistant plastic. The mechanism was left practically without changes. The gas boss “Violet“ still remains only on arms of intelligence agencies. BAMY made now with CR toxic agent of production of GITOS firm are civil modification of “Violet“. In them concentration of toxic agent and range of a shot is reduced, in civil BAMah there is no powder structure, the shot is carried out only due to energy of a cap.

From features of a design - the huge, wide handle (the boss 60 mm long) and unusual “pedal“ descent by a lateral bracket under a thumb of the right hand.

Features of ammunition: the shot is made precisely, a thin stream, but not “cloud“, as from the gas gun that allows to use the weapon in the car, the close room, the elevator and at rather strong wind.

Aim devices (according to reviews from forums of users) are unsuccessful, and having pulled out the weapon, it is necessary to look around at them that does not promote shot accuracy, skill of exact firing is acquired only regular trainings.

Acquisition of the BLOW system requires no permissions, just came to shop and bought. However it is necessary to treat the device as to the real weapon, regularly to be engaged, clean and … not to drag on meetings, mass actions and sports competitions. Well and application, as well as any weapon, is limited to cases of necessary defense and emergency.

Technical characteristics.

Length of a barrel, mm - 60.
the Outer diameter of the case, mm - 13.
Effective range of a throwing, m - to 5.
the Average width of a spot of drops of liquid, mm - not less than 150.
Service conditions - from - 20 °C to +50 “Page.

Today two modifications of “BLOW“ are issued: just “BLOW“ and “BLOW of Sq.m“.

“BLOW of Sq.m“ - more modern version with pistol descent and shorter Bamami., It seems, at first sight, everything became better, the sizes and weight decreased, the handle became not such huge, it is convenient to use both the lefthander, and the right-handed person. But users the Sq.m model not strongly favor. In - the first, the design lost former reliability. In - the second, shorter BAM “shoots“ on much smaller distance. In - the third, the range “short BAMOV“ is far more poor, than “standard“. Well, “To whom give blood from a nose, pistol descent to the detriment of quality, range and common sense - those clients of Sq.m“. From the forum ru.

“BLOW“ in the Russian market has some competitors. It first of all BAMER devices (full analog of “BLOW“, even descent same, “lateral“) and “Magician“, shooting the same Bamami, as “BLOW“, the device of the size of the mobile phone. Well and gas sprays. On the gas gun it is already necessary to take permission, as on the traumatic weapon.

Well and finally. Make a declaration of love not to each device. Well, at least so: “BLOW very authentic piece (also costs little). as far as I know, even the Israeli police (mishetara) recognizes it as good LESS - LETHAL (the nonlethal weapon). Personally I like the USM pedal system - otherwise dimensions will not allow to shoot liquid. The idea of a recharge is pleasant (why and in the ognestrel not to realize?) even appearance is pleasant moreover the sleeve and - la 50 looks out; the bezlitsenzionnost is pleasant, the plastic design (weight) is pleasant, CR and mixes in a free turn is pleasant, revolving reliability (it is not attached to a hinge plate) is pleasant, dimensions - it flat are pleasant and it is elementary to carry it anywhere, I still can continue …“ With the forum ru