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Sweets? For a diet, health and pleasure!

Practically all girls dream to be harmonous. For the sake of it they agree to keep to various diets. But here one problem sometimes does not allow to finish the begun business - girls cannot imagine life without sweets. Today we will try to help to understand what delicacies will not damage to a figure at their correct use.

Of course, at once it is necessary to make a reservation that if to use the whole day cakes and cakes, candies and chocolate, then no diet will help. And here if to listen to our councils, then it is possible to please itself with sweet and at the same time to remain harmonous. Glucose is vital to our organism, it is food for a brain. And on the other hand, big consumption of sweets leads to accumulation of excess fats. What to do? The answer is obvious: to the people inclined to completeness to leave only those delicacies which will be useful in a diet. And if the organism demands sweets, give it those which will not do harm to health and a waist.


This product cannot be ignored ours. He by right is called by the great doctor. They can replace sugar. Besides the organism will receive vitamins and mineral substances about which sugar did not even hear. Having drunk a cup of sweet tea with honey, you will not add to the organism of excess calories.

Dried fruits

them can be eaten with

without harm during any diet. During drying of fruit water evaporates, but all useful components remain. Magnesium and calcium, iron and sodium will come to your organism together with these remarkable products. Indulge yourself with a fig, raisin or dried apricots. Only you remember that in everything the measure is necessary.

Fruit jelly

It from those sweets which have in themselves the storeroom of pectin. He participates in a conclusion from an organism of toxic substances. Besides the advantage of pectin is ability to lower cholesterol level. But from - for existence in fruit jelly of usual sugar its consumption should not be excessive.

of Berry and fruit

them can be consumed without restrictions. These natural products contain fructose which will sate an organism with sweet.


Nuts are very nutritious and tasty

, it knows everyone. And to please itself with various nutlets when there is a wish for something tasty, it is always possible. Only you should not be fond of this product strongly. It very much kaloriyen.

the Zephyr

This product can be included even in a diet of dietary food for the reason that in it only 300 kcal on 100 g of sweet. If to eat one feature a day, harm to an organism will definitely not be, but in a zephyr there are a phosphorus and iron. You should not forget also that in it the squirrel is a lot of. And it is construction material for muscular tissue.

Bitter chocolate

Some grades of bitter chocolate practically do not contain sugar. To it it is necessary to get used and estimate taste of a useful product. Cocoa sometimes makes 99% of the general set of ingredients. It contains antioxidants useful to an organism. Besides bitter chocolate strengthens blood vessels and relieves of a depression.

Using the products recommended in this article it is possible to be quiet for the figure. And how you resolve the matter? Share the secrets with us!