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Jurmala. What problems at the well-known resort?

So happened that at the Soviet Union I did not happen to visit Jurmala., It seems, and journey to holiday free was on all Union, and got paid in time. But - “did not grow together“ somehow, the wife pregnant, the small child, still something. And here, literally in January, the opportunity, even not an opportunity, but a good reason turned up to go to Baltic...

This year in Jurmala there took place the eighth winter swimming World Cup (be not surprised, there is such sport quite widespread and at us, and abroad).

I will tell without any advertizing, Jurmala was pleasant to me, the trip turned out remarkable, the mass of impressions, positive emotions, good hotel, the low prices (in comparison with ours - Far East). But, how it was good on vacation, voyage to Jurmala set thinking seriously.

What happened to the largest resort of Baltic?

the First walk on foot on Dzintar Avenue (and I lived in small hotel Riga Beach Hostel), on Dzintara, 50, slightly plunged into bewilderment. From my hotel to a pedestrian street Yomas is less than two kilometers, having passed this distance on Dzintara, paid attention to posters with inscriptions in the English and Latvian SALE and P Ā languages; RDOD. I am on friendly terms with English a little therefore it became clear at once that the real estate is on sale. Posters came across quite often, and not only on small cottages and residences, but also on the multystoried buildings very similar to sanatorium cases.

Having returned to hotel, communicated to Yurgis - the manager who was responsible for our settling and further accommodation. He told me that in Jurmala a lot of real estate really is on sale. Former owners sell as it became unprofitable to contain cottages, especially old construction, it is necessary to make considerable investments in them today. You understand, built country cottages of a tree earlier, and it is material not eternal, demands appropriate leaving. Leaving is means, and today for maintenance even of a small cottage money is necessary considerable. Here also houses in Jurmala “to the right and on the left“ are sold. whether

is easy without pension in Jurmala

there Passed several days of our stay in this remarkable resort town, and the confidence that in Jurmala not everything is safe, somehow got stronger more and more. At railway station of Dzintari, waiting for an electric train to Riga, got to talking with the Russian woman about 55 - 57 years. Also blew softly from her story sad disorder, and is more true - a hopelessness. Galina told that there live in Jurmala about 20 years, with great difficulty obtained the Latvian citizenship, and it turned out that the pension is not put by it, she did not earn pension in Latvia. Now also I am glad again to obtain the Russian citizenship, so it is necessary to go to Russia, and on it money is necessary.

Her daughter, thank God, is arranged, works in one of sanatoria as the cleaner. As she got such job, Galina told with the mixed pride for the daughter and some silent indignation concerning requirements imposed at employment. It appears to work in sanatorium as the cleaner, her daughter needed knowledge of three (and it is desirable four) languages. She knew Russian since the childhood, learned Latvian, communicating with peers, and here English had to be learned thoroughly as at school teaching was weak.

But me of course interested more as Galina lives where she works. It turned out that there is no work for this woman in Jurmala. It collects pine and fir-tree branches, does of them funeral wreaths and carries to Riga to the wholesale buyer on the market. Also earns by that on livelihood and payment of housing. From her story understood that “business“ is not quite legal as it is impossible to collect branches without the permission of the authorities if gets“ in the wood behind this occupation, then it is necessary to pay rather big penalty. Galina does not see an exit from such life situation yet. whether

Is good Latvia without Russia?

I do not want to seem to

mischievous “bad boy“, but, having visited Jurmala, I drew a conclusion that there passed in Latvia “euphoria of nationalism“ 90 - x. There is no “dizziness“ concerning full independence now. And there are difficulties of economic character. Jurmala - the resort which lives due to tourism and the most part of guests was always made by the Russian tourists. Today at the industry of tourism of Latvia strong contenders: it both Egypt, and Turkey, and Cyprus - resort “Mecca“ where tourists from around the world directed including the huge mass of the Russian tourists.

Understand, I do not stand up for creation of the new Soviet Union, it is senseless, to the past there is no return. But, in my understanding, today Latvia has to look for an exit from current situation not in aspiration to come off far away Russia, and just the opposite.

Communicating in Jurmala and Riga with Latvians and Russians, I saw the normal attitude towards tourists from Russia. There is no neglect. Did not observe also attempts to leave from the answer to a question under a pretext: “I do not speak in Russian“. Human relations returned to normal, nobody allocates anybody on a national identity. Probably, it is necessary to bring all policy of the state into the normal course also. Historically our states normally coexisted and were interested in each other. Not without reason in Riga and today store memory of Peter I, show to tourists from Russia the house where he stopped, and a stable where put the horses.

Here such, not too iridescent supervision and reflections characterized my trip to the well-known Baltic resort on the bank of the Gulf of Riga, familiar to Russians since the childhood if not on the Soviet past, then on KVN, “Yurmalin“ and “A new wave“.

P. S. And the Russian swimmers won the World Cup, having bypassed the Finnish national team - the invariable favourite of all last championships.