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Visualization. How it is correct to carry out it?

by means of visualization we train and we focus the vision, representation and feeling of the future. It helps to define events, necessary for us, and to work so that this future came as soon as possible. Visualization helps to embody the purposes and the dreams in reality. It helps to turn invisible into visible.

And though many people know what is it, it is correct use it not everyone can. Usually blink and hold before themselves some image, the color picture, trying to consider it better. You can object me: I do not imagine anything. I vaguely see what waits for me ahead! But sense of visualization not in accurately to draw before itself pictures. The essence is in receiving necessary feelings. You need to receive an emotional response. You need to react, receive feedback from the future emotionally. And if you want to benefit, but not just it is the best of all to spend time, to do everything as follows.

Imagine events which you want to endure in your life. Present those events which have to take place in your life that you understood that you live happily and fully. The essence is that for subconsciousness there is no difference: there was it in the past, repeats now or happens in the future. The main thing - to feel real feelings and to experience genuine emotions. Think of what it for the present did not occur, and imagine it as if it already is. As though it already happened. As though this day for which you so long waited already came. Thank yourself, it occurred in your life!

- Tell thanks to for this opportunity;
- tell thanks to the nature for this day;
- tell thanks to God for this gift;
- tell thanks to fate for this chance.

No matter, to whom exactly you address it. Continue to visualize the results and to thank for the fact that it already occurred. It is important to carry out it most honestly. Honesty - the main factor of success. Than you receive more feelings as a result and the your feelings are stronger - the more correct you do it. Especially your results will turn out high. More clearly you will believe those in reality of achievement of the purposes. Especially you are convinced that life is full of opportunities.

Remember: everything in our outside world originates in your inner world. Everything begins with thought, with feeling, desire. Imagine everything that you go to create in the life. Imagine all those people with whom you want to get acquainted. Imagine all that you want to manage to execute. Imagine all with what you want to fill the life! Physically, spiritually, emotionally or energetically.

Everything that it seems to you important and necessary, - visualize. Feel, observe, draw and feel everything as if it just happened in your life. As though you were called today and told that hire you! As though already today your darling buys to you that gift for which you so long waited! As though already today you drive to the new apartment! And to you it becomes so good from it. Use the brain, use the body, use everything that only you have to achieve these feelings.

Then listen to yourself. What changed? If you made everything honestly and emotionally reacted - you will feel how your state changed. Your perception changed, your relation to certain events and the phenomena changed. The fact that it seemed such impossible - is quite real.

I saw many people who in panic were afraid of the future which twisted colourless, sad and monotonous pictures in the head. But costed only correctly will learn to visualize as on their face the smile appeared, the body was filled with energy and force to accept all that they predetermined the actions in the future.

Our future in our hands, isn`t it? Ourselves influence it directly.