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As flowers blossomed... for me?

the Flower a hibiscus , in life call it the Chinese rose, grows at me many years, blossoms, generally in the summer. Buds reveal strictly one after another: when one (usually it proceeds about three days) fades, there comes the turn of the following.

Probably, each gardener addresses the plants with these or those words - with admiration, with pity (if they are damaged or are ill), then with a request to blossom somewhat quicker. Also I was not an exception.

Somehow time I addressed the pink tree with words: “Something you absolutely ceased to blossom, maybe, it is worth cutting off some of your branches, and that is a lot of greens, and flowers something is not visible“. I soon forgot about this “reprimand“ to a plant, but after a while noticed that at a hibiscus several buds were formed at once, probably, the plant was frightened of my threat.

But other case struck me even more. Once I told a pink tree: “Here the paper star (remained after celebration of New year) hangs on you, and to poorly form a flower in the form of a star?“ Approximately in a month I saw almost ready to blossom a flower, but in the most unusual place - not from a window, as usual, and from my sofa as if the flower blossomed especially for me. Besides this rosette appeared on the highest and rather thin branch, just over a paper star where up to this point there was never any bud.

But the most important - it was a five-pointed form! This rosette strongly differed from the sisters. It had very dense color (more darkly usual), juicy, with some special gloss, however, the size of a flower was a little less usual. The flower did not change the form during the entire period of blossoming - about a week.

Here I received such gift from the “silent“, but conceiving tree.

... Once at me room pomegranate grew in a solid pot. It beautifully blossomed. And then I admired small granatika. There were years, its lower branches began to dry up, but it stubborn grew top, letting out new branches, and reached height more than one meter. But time has come, it began to decay and to dry up gradually. When from it there was one dry skeleton, I did not begin to take out it from a pot, and put at the basis of its dry trunk a passionflower (known among the Russian flower growers under the name of a passionflower, and in other countries as passion fruit) and installed a pot on a window sill.

The passionflower began to grow quickly, it liked a dry strong trunk of the former pomegranate, and it, twisting it, gradually reached its top where comfortably settled, having released the additional escapes directed towards a window which I, on reaching big length, turned back to the main part of a plant. Approximately in three years at top of a dry trunk the dense green bush was created, but blossoming was not.

Once the plant released one escape not from top, as usual, and from middle part. It seemed to me that the plant checks what I will do in this case.

I did not begin to touch it, and told aloud: “When there will be buds?“ The plant continued to conduct further the escape which from the weight fell a little, but the direction it was not towards a window, and, on the contrary, from a window.

Through some time I noticed three formed buds on a passionflower: two - in its top part, with orientation to the sun behind a window; the third bud formed on the end of long escape (from a middle part of a plant), was directed absolutely on the contrary, not to the sun, and to the viewer who is in the room that is to me who watered it and daily looked after him.

And there came the moment when all three buds revealed in the fantastic beauty - two towards the sun, and the third - on the branch waving from its weight - in my party.

Here such strange stories occurred in my life!