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Purchase of flowers: how to buy fresh flowers and to keep them for a long time?

Fresh flowers - indispensable attribute of any holiday which

instantly creates at us the necessary mood. They are pleasing to the eye,

fill the room with the delicate aroma and steadily force us

to smile. It is pleasant to receive flowers as a gift and it is not less pleasant to give their

, but purchase of flowers - business not only interesting, but also there is enough

responsible if you want that your bouquet staid as it is possible for


The secret of a beautiful bouquet which long will remain fresh consists of two

composed: the first is a freshness of each flower, and the second - the correct

storage conditions. But give about everything one after another … Let`s begin with a question

of freshness which as the famous Bulgakov character used to say, happens

only of the first grade. It is simple to buy fresh flowers, but how to choose from

them the freshest?

• Pay attention to a stalk - it should not be too dry, and in

optimal variant on it has to remain several fresh

of green leaves (if, of course, it assumes a flower grade). Very much

a good sign of freshness upon purchase of flowers, and in particular - roses,

is existence of so-called “shirt“ or “a rubashechny leaf“. It is

the lowermost, thicker and rough petals which grow at

pedicel and as if embrace the semi-dismissed bud. But you remember that sellers quite often delete with

these petals to give to a rose of more

an esthetic look therefore lack of “shirt“ is not

the certificate “semifresh“ of a flower at all.

• Extent of disclosure of a bud - one more important indicator of whether your bouquet “something ephemeral“ will become

or will be long pleasing to the eye. Better than all

to choose the semi-opened fresh flowers, buy the bud which is completely opened by

it can to be seductive - it is so beautiful, but the term of life

of such flower is much less. However, there are always exceptions: if

a bouquet is necessary to you for only one day (for example, it can be flowers for

photoshoot or a bridal bouquet), is quite admissible to choose revealed

buds, the main thing - that they did not begin to be showered. Also here

purchase of flowers for decoration of a table, a banquet room etc.

• Elasticity of petals - here, perhaps, one of the major

signs that color is really fresh belongs. If carefully to unbend

a petal of such flower, it will easily return into place and will take the former

form. At plants “semifresh“ petals look weak,

sluggish, it is possible - slightly dried up; they hardly come back to

place, and are quite often showered at any touch.

• Lack of any artificial jewelry on a bud - fresh flowers

are fine in itself and in most cases rather fresh

flower will not decorate in addition without yours on that wishes. And

if you see that around a bud the frill from a bright foil flaunts,

the transparent “glass“ or other scenery (which are not ordered by you) - it is rather

of everything, it is a desperate way to distract attention from the main thing - freshness. And

now when you already know which - that you about rules of the choice of fresh flowers and

can approach this business with a type of the real expert, let`s

consider how to keep freshness of a bouquet. It is no secret that the best way

to keep fresh flowers: to buy and at once to put them in a vase, without leaving

for a long time without water. However here nevertheless did not do without secrets - here

some more “cunnings“ capable for a long time to prolong life of your


1. Exclude sharp differences of temperatures. If you get a bouquet

in the winter, do not hurry to bring flowers from a frost in the house - leave them for

several minutes in the platform or in a hall where is a little more cool. Also

take care of that on the way to the destination flowers reliably of

were covered from wind, snow, frosty air and other adverse


2. Process stalks before putting flowers in a vase. As a rule,

upon purchase of flowers stalks will be cut by the seller, but in order that your

bouquet received necessary amount of moisture, it is better to repeat this

procedure once again. The slanting cut is more preferable to flowers with a soft, thick stalk

. Use such rule: the flower stalk is thicker than

, the more long there has to be a cut. Plants with rigid,

a treelike stalk (for example, lilac branches) demand following

of processing: the stalk needs to be broken off or cut off, and to split the ends a knife

or “to razmochalit“. For some flowers there are special ways

of processing. So, for example, to keep fleeting beauty of poppies,

needs to lower tips of stalks for 2 - 3 seconds in the boiling water. High

temperature will not manage to damage significantly a flower, but lacteal juice on the end of a stalk will force

to turn. Similarly it is possible to carry out

the emergency reanimation of slightly faded roses - lower the end

of a stalk in boiled water for couple of seconds or take over fire. And in addition

accurately spray a rose bud cold water from a spray.

By the way, this last point will be suitable not only for roses. If in your

house often there are fresh flowers, it is worth buying a spray unambiguously of

, regular spraying only on advantage to the majority

of plants.

3. Remove the lower leaves which - as dried up and fresh. The matter is that

the lower leaves, being under water, are easily subject to rotting. They not

will only spoil to you all pleasure from a bouquet, creating unpleasant

a smell, but also will become the environment for reproduction of putrefactive bacteria.

4. The “correct“ neighbors are important for each flower. What does it mean?

Some species of plants well suit one another, and then

a combination only prolongs bouquet life. Others do not transfer the friend

of the friend to spirit. You should not put in one vase: narcissuses and lilies, carnations and

of a rose, lilies of the valley and tulips. Differs in the meanest character in

darkly - a red rose, a lily of the valley and a rhododendron - the neighbourhoods with them not

maintains the majority of plants. But a thuja branch - an excellent way

to turn any bouquet into enviable “long-liver“. At last,

should not forget about such means as a sugar pinch (for roses, tulips,

of a lilac, carnations), solution of ammonium and fertilizer for cut flowers. And

let fresh flowers will add bright paints to your holidays and everyday life!