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From pseudo democracy … to a phenomenon of the self-regulating power!!!!!

In live system a product of its functioning are its organization.
Fridtjof Capra “A life web“ of

Democracy is a democracy.
Cannot understand primitively this term, without seeing the most important - the people in the weight have hierarchy. As a first approximation it is inhabitants and leaders. And in turn leaders are also structured on the specificity: intelligence, talent, education, sphere of the influence, practice of management …. Also it is necessary to build the organization of the power of conditions of hierarchy of leadership filling it with leaders in the increasing quality order according to functional complexity of a vertical of a pyramid of the power.

Than to reflect over why apple falls, the big benefit to society would be brought by knowledge - under the influence of what vital forces the apple-tree grows, ignoring the law of an attraction. This knowledge a basis of all life on Earth - they will give the organization of the world of people such that will realize the highest potential of a brain of the person. Vasily the Wanderer

the Steady world is under construction on a potential difference:
everything that is connected with a phenomenon of life has TWO POLES between which current flows.
the BINOMIAL - a condition of pulse of life of existence of Reason.
Brain and TWO big hemispheres!!!
Positive and negative charges,
a double spiral of DNA,
a double set of chromosomes,
kislotno - alkaline balance ….

Speak, being mistaken, money governs people! The nonsense - governs nonsense! And if it is serious, then edit laws. And what there is a law essence? It is specific information of the code of rules in society, given rise … - ALWAYS mind. And it is easy to understand it. Take the old note, and go to shop. And that - from gate, turn. Why? On the note not that is shown … information! And what approves information in its SIGN to be or constructive, or - patologichny? The law - rules of the game in society, and it also is that other as the organization. The organization of the legislation in society it is possible to create a dominant of the purpose of a priority of any interests. And set of all this exhales the power - mind, honor, conscience … - the BRAIN of governors. Speak, and again being mistaken, about force of information wars. And where information originates? In the beginning there was a word … - again a mistake! In the beginning there is a thought which is given rise by a brain which operates vocal chords to interpret thought in the word. Where thought, and where word? War or peace in MIND of minds! Whose? Saddled the power! The essence of the VECTOR of information of ideology of the power in a suggestiya of mind of people proves either pathology, or placebo, operating chemical processes of ppole. ru/doronin/chusov1/22. there is no html incurable diseases, there is a DEFICIENCY of INVALUABLE REASON! The REASON rules the world of people both laws, and money, and finance, and economy, and policy … - there is a creation of MIND. The main issue - whose interests in priority and first of all are served by DINT OF THE WIT the power of succeeded: if all society - the CHARM and if only scanty small group of people that is NASTY THING! MIND of the power rules the world of people reasonably or …!

The leading countries of the world even more often shake crises, and they halloo in Third World countries social mutinies. It is clear, that the reason here not in policy, economy, finance … - all this is based on CHARACTER of the ESSENCE of the LAW. The fact on the person - we face crisis of system organization of the present power. On radio heard part of conversation on a subject: “February revolution of 1917“ - where it was told about importance of division of powers of the executive and legislative authorities. It about what it is necessary now not that to speak, and to shout in all throat until all of us were overflowed by the bloody fire of social mutiny by the Yugoslavian option.

POLITICAL SCIENTISTS us it is total also we chattered blindly and sacredly WITHOUT HESITATION in vain we trust how the zombie in the fact that the present power is democracy - that literally means - the power of the people!? Let`s penetrate into an essence of this system of the power. In any country with the device of elections there are only TWO real forces: officials of a state machinery and … voters. As a result of elections of policy, become officials of a state machinery, receive the UNIFORM power - they are absolutely rallied by power of this system - always FREELY and WITHOUT HESITATION use it for the privileges!!! And where here we see democracy - the power of the people? The REPRESENTATIVE power and minutes was not democracy and it WILL never BECOME - it is only the POWER of OFFICIALS of a state machinery CREATED FROM ABOVE. That there was a democracy, it is necessary to arrange FROM BELOW the power of the people and as a part of public administration. It is necessary to build TWO BRANCHES of the power: PRESIDENT of the CIVIL POWER and PRESIDENT of the GOVERNMENT.

The president of the government is a strategic country government at the level of the international relations and protection of the state against external enemies. This power to be under construction from top to down where enter: Office of Federation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Administrations of Governors, Army, Foreign intelligence, military production ….
the President of the civil power is a social management of community. The power to be under construction from below up here where enter: Self-government of constituencies, Administrations of the City halls, Regional administrations, Police, Internal intelligence, Ministry of the international civil relations, production of goods of consumption ….
Civil community in the essence consists from TWO DIFFERENT in character to activity and aspiration in life of societies: women and men. Means, it is necessary to provide it is necessary - a sufficient legal basis for activity of these two different societies of society of people in the essence. Here for this purpose it is also necessary to create the additional and divided in the independence forms of the power.
Witz the President of the civil power (woman) - the legislative device of vital space of women.
Witz the President of the civil power (man) - the legislative device of vital space of men.
Parity of the power of www. / archive/0/n - 44915

Legislature are subdivided into TWO forms in the especially independent activity. It is the INNER SANCTUM and here it is impossible to bring quarrels of different parties at all and close not to allow rich persons and furthermore to be engaged in lobbying of laws. Lobbying of laws is and there is a vile sting infecting society with corruption poison!!! Look here: youtube. com/watch? NR=1 &v=grl - m6AOZaI - all country groans from curve premature laws, and they what is created?! In impudent sleep and idle at work, important and responsible for society! Means, it is FAVOURABLE to someone and this SOMEONE ADJUSTED PROCESS in the State Duma so that the LEGISLATURE of Russia was CONSTANTLY century. STAGNATION!!! Here therefore bodies of production of laws it is also necessary to subordinate to the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Here only REASONABLE EXPERTS of the concrete business and a specific profile have to work: one only by the civil rights, and others on especially public affairs.

The legislature of government accepts applications of bills from service of the President of a state machinery and professionally prepares the law. The legislature of civil law accepts applications of bills from service of the President of the civil device and prepares the laws defusing social tension. Then these laws are approved by the Council of Elders of the Russian Federation together with Council of Governors of the Russian Federation. In the Constitution there is Article 3 - 2: “The people carry out the power directly, and also through bodies … local government“. We create Bodies of Civil Self-government in constituencies on purpose that Voters could influence the local and legislative authorities effectively. What to begin the QUALITY CHOICE with? In any district there will be people having the higher education and experience of long-term practice of activity of the head, personnel officer, lawyer, financier, teacher …. In each district to find these people and in their consent to organize Meeting of Civil Elders of the constituency. Will be structure of this meeting of Elders of 100 - 150 people for one district enough (on three - five people from each house). At general meeting of citizens of the district to this Meeting of Elders to confer powers to organize all referenda, elections from the district, to conduct counting of votes making out the Act of trust where the poll given for each candidate and the publication of a result to mass media is specified. The right of a response of those persons who did not justify the trust at voters. The vacant position is taken by the candidate who took the second place on elections. Also the leapfrog of unnecessary by-election is not necessary. Stareyshin`s meeting districts chooses for the management the Council of Elders, and the Council of Elders - the Chairman Stareyshin of the district. All Chairmen of Stareyshin of districts at the level of the district of districts make Stareyshin`s Meeting of the area and in turn they choose to themselves the Council of Elders, and the Chairman Stareyshin of the area. All Chairmen of Stareyshin of areas make Stareyshin`s meeting provinces which choose the Council of Elders of the province, and they are a Chairman Stareyshin of the province. And all Chairmen of provinces make Council of Chairmen of Stareyshin of provinces of the Russian Federation (the Council of Elders of the Russian Federation). Here the principle of selection of quality of leaders from national weight is underlain in the beginning. Then this quality of leaders chooses a new level of quality of leaders from the environment and so to the top of the power, filling with its escalating quality leaders according to functions of the power.
Self-government in the constituency of ru/archive/0/n - 51982 /

This hierarchy of Stareyshin is arranged so that promotes to happen to process of self-regulation in REAL TIME on each concrete floor of the power of a pyramid of Stareyshin ALWAYS when there is a DISCONTENT FROM BELOW with AFFAIRS FROM ABOVE. Let`s allow. Inhabitants of the house are revolted with work Stareyshin - domky brought together inhabitants and Stareyshin - discussed a question and made right there the decision, to leave it as EDIFICATION to Elders or them at once … To RE-ELECT. Also any meeting of Stareyshin arrives if they are dissatisfied with work of the Council or the Chairman. Such system of the relations of citizens and Stareyshin and the relation in the hierarchy will allow to be updated all power at each explosion of discontent, thereby increasing QUALITY of WORK because allows citizens to influence directly professionalism of work of Stareyshin. Try to achieve similar work from present system of the power - you will get into a mental hospital rather, but you will not achieve the. And here even from the SLIGHTEST DETERIORATION in LIFE of CITIZENS ALL PYRAMID of the POWER of ELDERS RIGHT THERE WILL START MOVING FROM BELOW. Also it is not necessary to wait for forcing of psychosis on an extent … here - from elections before elections as it is arranged in present system of the power. During this time passions will be tensed so that people from psychosis of each other cripple, and … in prison. “Never say never“, or... “There`s nothing to be done, we live in a hard time“ (the hard time does not happen, there are brainless ideologists of the people!) - hollow unripe minds instructively RHYMERS, diligently serving, cringing the authorities of bribe-takers. And in our prison conditions are that that the person any more will never leave it … himself!!!

ALL Elders of districts participate in an election of the president of a state machinery, areas, provinces is the strategic problem of the country entrusted only the competent leaders of the people checked by the work, and the President of the civil power is elected by all citizens with the status of the voter. This organization of the power divided in the powers of branches will create effective management of the country in all subtleties of real time. And in case of the social conflicts it will concern the CIVIL power (but hardly it will arise if on mind to arrange new system of this power), but not a STATE MACHINERY, REASONABLY SELECTED and TRAINED EXPERTS called for this business appointed strictly to protect boundaries from any invasion encroached a sword on our Homeland.

P. S. Speak - all diseases from nerves! And if more precisely - from uncombed nerves! And who frays to us nerves? The mood expressed by conditions of a course of character of life. And life of any person? From quality of the organization of social life of people. And society life? From reasonable activity of persons of the power - and it is a society BRAIN! As the brain of the power so we is created and we live: or we go crazy, or violently we develop! And on what QUALITY of a brain of the power depends? From the PURPOSE of the elections allowing on Olympe the authorities or TALENTED leaders, or so-so …. And purpose of elections? From a priority of certain rules - the law of elections. It is necessary to understand still here distinction between the CHOICE and VOTE. To be able to make the RIGHT choice it is necessary to possess a certain quality of knowledge, practice of business relations … and thereof to understand CULTURE of the RIGHT, the explaining law essence. Vote can be arranged easily for the mass inhabitant - the lumpen, having inflated public relations of PSYCHOTECHNOLOGIES on purpose - choose only me! Where throw, everywhere we rest a forehead against a sacred cow - the LEGISLATION where character of policy, economy, finance … and even our health is concluded!!! All our drama is that to society of people the public relations imposed madness of an agiotage of thirst of mania of money, but not absolute power of the reasonable right therefore money and rules the world, but not the force of the fair law! From it and a consequence clumsy.
has to be absolutely clear to Each sane person that the IDEOLOGY of the power dominates in society, stamping the TYPE of people. And if among people, families, the people … the bedlam and psychoses are created that a problem needs to be looked for not in a human factor, and urgently it is necessary to reconsider the structure of the power and cardinally to change it. There cannot be a freedom of expression of the person without the reasonable power, without law one force - a lawlessness IMPUDENTLY greedy!

The group of the Japanese primatologists began to feed monkeys with sweet potatoes, throwing it on sand. Animals very much liked taste of potatoes, but they were irritated by the stuck sand. Soon one young female guessed to wash it in water and taught the mother and relatives. Other monkeys of this pack very quickly mastered this method. When there occurred the CRITICAL MASS (power) of knowledge on this island, monkeys and on other islands, not having even visual contact began to do it. This phenomenon is understood as the following. When ENOUGH INDIVIDUALS knows about any opening and begins to BEHAVE DIFFERENTLY or to THINK IN A NEW WAY in this regard opening, consciousness of UNIFORM KNOWLEDGE of all community of USILIVATESYa TO SUCH AN EXTENT that each his representative can GET ACCESS TO THIS INFORMATION and accept a new example of behavior. To study it or to show process optional - it BECOMES in the NATURAL WAY the standard example of behavior and thinking of many in society“. K. B. Wells “To reveal a secret of “Phoenix“.

If this version of the power is interesting to you, then invite to conversation of the friends, colleagues and just good acquaintances …. Discuss this concept of the power with friends, state it at the look, and in real-life communication extend in places of the accommodation. Pay special attention to cocky minds - the school students and students who are diligent studying civil law!

The more people will know the version of the new power, the UNIFORM FORCE and LEADERS of THIS MOVEMENT will be shown quicker ….