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Plinking: whether only exercise in firing?

“Plinking (English Plinking) - entertaining firing at various non-standard targets (beer banks, bottles and so on). It is widespread in the countries with high weapon culture and the liberal weapon legislation.

The word comes from an onomatopoeia of plink relating to a characteristic sound of the bullet striking a can. It has a North American origin, but now thanks to the Internet gained distribution and in Russian (along with the faithful word “babakhing“). However, “entertaining firing“ is almost completely the term, similar on sense“. Source: Wikipedia.

Well, did not stick to serious people to tell “babakhing“. It is somehow not elaborate and prostonarodno! Here “plinking“ - another matter. At once you become the in a certain environment, narrow circles of “professional babakher“. And at once so the self-conceit rises, just horror! Well as! We now not just babakher, and plinker! Here! Plus, it is possible to be engaged in a plinking with the objects not only which are going off with a bang, but also simply flying. Jars can be forced down from a slingshot, from onions, darts from game in darts, stones … To list everything - not enough! Though I do not know article whether there will be it a plinking, or to call this activity it is necessary to call other, more sophisticated word.

And still the plinking is not only exercise in firing. In that sense which in the word “firing“ is put by athletes and most of the reasonable population. Well that is thoughtful, long, patient hit by a tiny pool in the center of a paper target. Same it is not interesting at all!

The Plinking around the world - most likely extreme entertainment, rest from daily cares. Therefore just firing at jars quickly bothers and “professional plinker“ think out everything new and new “perversions“. For example, firing at spray paints which after hit soar up up (and is more often sideways), painting paint everything around.

The special pleasure is given by firing at moving targets. And there is no imagination a limit. Jars are suspended on threads, roll down from a hill, are started up by swimming in the small river or a stream, got on branches which then are shaken … by

Firing at improvised objects can be even an educational tool of younger generation. So, I in the house dash do not allow the daughter to do some shooting until she makes lessons. Also you know, recently progress at the child significantly grew. But it so, lyrical digression.

And still specification: entertaining firing at sparrows, crows, pigeons, cats, dogs and … the person a plinking in strict sense of this word is not. To this type of firing other word what - I do not know resembles more.

And still the plinking is a most fascinating competition! “It is the most interesting to be engaged in a plinking, having brought together at least 3 persons. It is possible to arrange competitions, for example, in the wood to note a route and to place mishenk along a route. Who the first will strike a maximum of targets - won. It is possible to establish a max. stake - in shots on one mishenka“ . Yes, it is much heavier to compete with someone, than to beat slowly small bottles. But also to receive a well-deserved reward oh as it is pleasant!

But the most interesting, in my opinion, mission of a plinking is a business. Anyone can buy approximately for 2000 dollars the equipment for a street shooting gallery and earn money on irrepressible desire of the majority of the population to tumble down as much as possible jars for small money. The weapon, ammunition, targets bring to producers if not billions, then hundreds of millions dollars.

So, the American firm “Sturm, with Ruger &Co“, having begun with the gun for a plinking “Ruger Standard Mk. I ecame the world`s second arms manufacturer after firm which was founded by the well-known colonel Samuel Kolt with its constant arms supplies for the American army. And here the firm “Sturm, Ruger &Co“ went some other way, releasing millions the simple non-automatic gun “Ruger Standard“. Costs of production simple if not to tell the primitive weapon for “dissecting of small bottles“ cheap, and it is possible to sell it tens times more expensively. 410 - y the smooth-bore caliber was created only for firing at jars too and quickly enough extended on the planet. Passion of humanoid primacies, by mistake of called scientists “reasonable cheloveka“, will bring money not to one more generation of businessmen. By the way, I am among these primacies and I am...

Well and right at the end it would be desirable to remind. “In Russia firing including from firearms, it is resolved on condition of removal from the settlement more than on 200 m. Firing in the settlement and within 200 m from its territory out of places, specially allotted for it, is the administrative offense punishable by a penalty and withdrawal of the weapon“ . Source: Wikipedia.