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What is Self - Coaching?

of Missile defense coaching heard many.

Someone admires this direction. Someone only heard this word. There are also those who perceive coaching as the next modern tendency which came to us from the West.

The simplest definition of coaching sounds so:

Coaching is a professional help to the person in definition and achievement of its personal and professional purposes.

Pay attention, here it is told about the PROFESSIONAL help!

Yes, there is such profession - kouch. And today more and more people choose it. Sometimes I have a feeling that kouchy in our market it is more now, than potential clients! But about it next time...

Better to understand, than kouch are engaged, I suggest to look at the following equation.

Basic equation of coaching:

Results = realization of potential - an obstacle

from this can output the main objectives of coaching:
1) maximizing potential of the client (kouch helps to find the best that is in you)
2) transfer of potential to an active state: on the level of actions!
3) removal of obstacles, first of all internal barriers (fears, assumptions, stereotypes and so forth)

And what it self - coaching?

Self - Coaching is the help to in disclosure of the potential and elimination of internal barriers which prevent your self-realization.

Self - Coaching is a tool for definition of the purposes (a vector of the further movement, development) and formation of desire (motivation) to move in the chosen direction.

If you own technology itself - coaching and apply it, then bonuses are obvious:

economy of means (work with professional kouchy are serious financial investments)
saving of time
an opportunity to independently plan operating time over itself
and, of course, increase of own self-assessment, since. you acquire skill of the independent decision difficult (from the word “work“) tasks in the life!

it is important to li to understand

that self - Coaching is NOT always about training in some special technologies. Yes, technologies exist. At the same time, for example, each of us has the, already acquired decision-making mechanism. At one it is more effective, at others - such that it strongly complicates life (we spend time, nerves, money, and results not those!)

For this reason, it is so important to be able to define the true reasons of “internal zatyk“ and to make corrections to the “mechanism of decision-making and achievement of results“.

What is the main tool self - coaching?

the Main working tool in work with itself is effective questions .

All kouch - the technology is constructed on determination of “strong“ questions which help:

it is accurate to span to formulate desirable result
to define all that hinders the achievement of goals
“to draw“ for itself an optimum way of achievement with
to find internal resources for advance to the planned result
to build the system of support

Is valid to work perhaps in coaching - a format independently? Yes, it is possible

. At the same time, as well as in a situation with driving of the car: certain skills are necessary for such work.

What helps to increase efficiency self - Coaching?

application basic kouch the technologies adapted for independent work
use of kouchingovy exercises, forms / forms which give the chance to structure information and to trace extent of the advance
use of the comprehensive programs developed by experts aimed at the solution of questions in certain areas of your life (health, a way of life, finance, the relations etc.) Let`s sum up of

the results:

Self - Coaching is a technology of work on itself.

There are many different approaches which use purpose: help to in achievement of the desirable.

Speed of the movement and quality of results is higher at those who found the technology.

At the same time, it can be taken from books, trainings, and maybe by result of own practices, the life experience. And at the person it turns out: to accurately define the purposes and to move to them, thanks to high-quality use of internal and external resources.

And if it is honest, then it is absolutely unimportant how we call these technologies: self - coaching, - coaching, self - coaching or somehow in a different way.

If you have resistance to these words and their analogs - the most unproductive that can be made in this situation: to begin “to nag“ concerning terminology.

And it is possible to go and some other way.

To allocate time to ask itself questions and to write down answers to them: I want
A of what?
with What is dissatisfied?
What is ready to be changed in the life?
What simplest first step in the direction of desirable result?

it is simple to i to ask itself questions, to answer honestly them and to begin to do something, let the smallest, but in a different way...

PS: For you these four questions did not work? It means for me only that OTHER questions are actual for you now. Just other questions. What questions could help you to move on life easier, with even great interest and pleasure?

And it too about self - coaching...