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Blinked headlights. What does it mean?

When I only began to drive the car, one thing seemed to me very strange. Owing to the uncertainty and inexperience I preferred to go slowly, quietly passing reconstructed. And here an ill luck - quite often these dashingly the reconstructed cars blinked back lamps. I was upset, thinking that so they on me swear from - for the fact that I strongly slowly go.

Then someone prompted that all in accuracy on the contrary. Now I remember this episode with a smile, but then it gave me even more uncertainty. I just did not know “national“ language of cars, in driving school do not teach it. So, what signs became standard in the driver`s environment, and than they can help you?

Signal No. 1 “Thanks!“

It is just the option described above. You quietly go in the row, and other car persistently asks for your row. You have two exits: to let or not to let. Especially impudent drivers will get through even besides your desire, other car owners nevertheless look, pass them or not. And here in case you concede, - often to you can blink lamps. Safely mentally you speak “please“, today the polite driver able to thank got to you. The reconstructed car - the most widespread option of a reason for “thanks“, but on the road there can be also other situations for which you can be thanked. Do not forget to thank also you! the Signal No. 2 “Start up


This signal is applied generally on routes. So, you go in the left row, for example, after overtaking of several cars, and in the right row there is already an empty seat. And here in a rear-view mirror you see how you are caught up with great strides by some abrupt jeep. Having sat down on a tail, “flyer“ begins to blink strenuously headlights. Be afraid of nothing, but be better reconstructed in the right row. Skorostnik will rush, and you if you want, will return to left. Somehow I decided not to concede. I go with a normal speed why it has to be reconstructed? I was overtaken on the right strip. Then the driver began to brake obviously before me - decided to teach a good lesson. It was necessary most to retire on the right strip. the Signal No. 3 “Overtake“

you continue the movement on the route, and the loaded heavy truck is ahead of you. Or rather, does not even go, and hardly trudges. And strip one. And from - for this of the heavy truck you have no sufficient review of an oncoming lane. And here you see that the truck turned on the right blinker though there is no turn to the right, and quietly goes on the strip or nestles on a roadside a little. You do not hurry to draw a conclusion that the driver went crazy. So he cares for you - shows what is ahead free and you can safely go for overtaking.

the Signal No. 4 “Ambush“

Is, perhaps, the most known way of communication between a car to which not one decade. So, to you the oncoming car, behind it one more blinked... Be sure - behind the following turn you are waited by “ambush“, i.e. patrol of traffic police. Yes, it is a little illegal signal, but very mutually helping out. the Signal No. 5 “Start up

, well please!“

Present to

that you have the main road at the intersection where the traffic light broke. Cars fly on main a continuous stream, and on minor the mass of a car accumulated. The first on minor blinks headlights - he asks to pass. Do not confuse only a blinking headlights with an emergency signal. If you decide on generous gesture to pass several cars - blink in reply and stop.

the Signal No. 6 “Sound“

Krom of machine peremigivaniye, nobody cancelled also a sound signal. Usually I translate such signal into usual abusive language. If to you actively signal, then try to inform that in some situation you “Hurried a little and made the maneuver which is not allowed by rules“. Only in more rigid form. You also can signal - to swear.

I will ask only about one, do not react instantly angry signal on inept attempts of the school vehicle to start at the intersection. It only forces down her driver even more. Carefully signal to pedestrians - from a sudden signal they are frightened, jump aside and, instead of reasonable response to the danger warning, this danger only aggravate. I in this instruction on “automobile“ language do not consider advances of persons of an opposite sex with the bright beauty by pressing a horn.

the Signal No. 7 “Unclear“

Few times at me on the road lowered a wheel. On me turned around, waved a hand, tried to shout in an open window... “Idiots“, - I thought, without understanding from where there are so much emotions. Then, at last, braked, having decided that it is necessary to examine the car. The lowered wheel dotted one`s “i`s“ and cross one`s “t`s“ at once. With a bigger share of probability unclear signs mean some malfunction seen to the driver of the next car: a wheel, the slightly opened door etc. If you from outside noticed something wrong - stop and examine the car.

I will be grateful to additions to a car - language! Mutual understanding and good luck on roads!