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“Darling, the head does not hurt today...“ What sex is wanted by women?

Are established that women want sex at all not less, than to men. The question consists in what sex is wanted by women.

At the man the desire to win the woman is subconsciously put, as well as the woman has a requirement to be won. Legends of supermen, desperate heroes - lovers and noble knights decorate with themselves book shelves and the Internet long ago - pages of search engines. Romance novels and melodramas will be always actual thanks to that organized illusion which so attracts and excites practically all fine half of mankind. You think, women can be surprised with a plot? Yes all know, than literary works or film masterpieces of similar character, but process come to an end …

of the Man often laugh at how women watch melodramas as they cry with, apparently, primitive nonsenses. And so, women cry about themselves. They are even more closed from it, understanding that similar development of a plot to receive a little in reality of chances. Certainly, the world is full of careful councils how to attract how to tempt how to be sexual and as to like and to please itself. All this, certainly, will help, however the desire to meet such man who will manage to open to the woman her beauty, to accept its nature fondly waits for the turn in a waiting list.

Do not worry, dear men, each woman perfectly knows what she has to make and as she has to behave ideally that all were happy. Why it does not do it or does not do sincerely, so to speak, disinterestedly, anything without demanding in exchange? Possibly, it is disturbed by a small female complex, osadochek from feeling that you were had. Therefore it is better to dream of the hero - the lover, than of the advanced user.

Not casually women get holiday romances. There, in these far-away tropical countries, far from household monotony and working everyday life, it is possible to relax and feel the beauty in embraces of the temperamental disposable prince. And at times rather just recognitions or confirmations that the woman, except a female surname and a name, has still a characteristic female sex.

There are some unforgettable female impressions:
“Ah how these Turkish men burned me a look, unless ours are capable of it?“
“He kissed each my finger and said that I am dream, it with mine - that 80 kg“.
“Bella, Bella - heard I all road, these Italian impudent fellows also whistled to me following“.
“It showered me with candies that I remembered what I am sweet, - it is so primitive and pleasant“.

Precisely it is impossible to tell, than the man`s passion in the southern countries speaks. Perhaps the reasons in the sun, in genetics or that many of them do not tire themselves with career and work. Men can object - a pier what you, the woman, you both to love, and to satisfy, and still home to bring a salary - from where forces?

What you will tell here? Indefinitely it is possible to rush mutual reproaches and to be bent in sarcasm, only it does not conduct anywhere. Therefore, time at us article about sex which want the woman, I ask to get acquainted with some popular preferences and naive wishes of ladies.

So, the woman wants such sex at which:

She feels safe. She waits that the man will provide it to it: for example, a comfortable situation, the reference about health.
the Man uses the efforts that to achieve it. For example, takes off from it clothes.
It is covered with gentle delicate kisses, at least partially, - for example, a zone of a neck and a decollete.
It is proclaimed only and favourite. Here so, that the man looked fool in the face and frankly admitted, for example: “Only washing, you are one... you at me one“.
It receives the strengthened confirmation to the perfection, for example, by means of words very much - very much, is strong - strongly, the truth - the truth.
It is convinced that the man thinks only of it, and of anything the friend. For example, it is pleasant when he tells: “At me from - for you all from the head took off, you dement me“.
She hears words of concrete detailed admiration, for example: “As I am brought by your back freckles!“
It is happy with the appearance - for example, is not afraid to undress by the light of or to wake up without cosmetics.
It receives attention to all the body, and not just to separate parts, for example one left breast.
After a logical conclusion of men`s party it receives also further attention to the person, for example, the man, caressing it, can ask: “And what you were at school?“
She observes man`s excitement and physical interest in herself, for example, notices that it is really glad it to see.
It receives flowers and gifts. You will not buy love, but material manifestation of love is always pleasant, for example, a breakfast in a bed with a rose in a glass.
It gets care and support, can be dissolved by the weak woman in strong male hands.

Each woman - the special world and the individual Universe. Not so - that is simple to open itself and to present from the most favorable sides. However if the man manages to awaken a muse in the woman, it will inspire him on many achievements and feats.

Dear gentlemen, be attentive. Dear ladies, do not hide that you want and you love.

Possibly, great Casanova would add: “The four fifth pleasures were for me in giving happiness of woman “.