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How thoughts to turn into actions?

Often we generate some ideas very quickly and we do not manage to realize them. Thoughts one by one come to mind, and sometimes do not even know for what at first to undertake. As a result this stream of interesting ideas comes to an end with nothing.

Thoughts are lost, forgotten. But not begun actions are postponed indefinitely.

There is a question: as to manage to turn all thoughts into actions and not to miss nothing? The answer is also simple: in any way! Everything will not turn out to be in time at once! Therefore it is necessary to work gradually.

So nevertheless to embody ideas in reality, you will be helped by the following steps.

1. Write down all ideas and thoughts coming to your mind

Is desirable that each new thought was written down on a separate sheet of paper. For this purpose it is possible to prepare some envelope in advance with pure sheets of paper where there will be all your ideas. From here they will not get to already anywhere and will not be forgotten.

2. Define whether there are necessary resources for implementation of idea

As soon as the thought is written down, once you think, to embody it. For this purpose it is necessary to analyse all resources which already are which lack. If these resources are easily available, then immediately start action. If there are not enough means and resources for this idea, then dismiss this idea. Let she will lie down in your “ideological“ envelope so far.

3. Delegate routine actions

not to derail ideological inspiration, it is necessary to remember a project essence always. Often, exactly performing some routine monotonous work, we lose interest in good idea in general. Numerous technical trifles at the embodiment of new thoughts are very important, but they sometimes turn off themselves the light of the idea, and our enthusiasm fades. For this reason try to entrust some small actions necessary for realization of idea, to other people. Not obligatory for workers. It can be both friends, and the family, and colleagues. Be engaged only in idea.

4. You look forward strategically

If not to do it, then any even the most brilliant idea can be waste of time. It will turn out that such fine thought was fine only this month, and for the future and it is not necessary at all. Not to spend the forces in vain, think over initially what in the future will lead the embodiment of this or that idea to? What will be farther? What role she will play in your main activity? Whether this thought will help to achieve your main goal? If there are no answers, then it is better not to spend forces for similar one-day thoughts.

5. Make the plan for day

In this plan surely there has to be at least 1 point connected with performance of action on your new idea. And let every day in the working day plan of 1 - 2 point in principle are carried out.

6. Reconsider and re-read all written-down ideas in your envelope

From time to time do audit of thoughts. It is possible that for some idea the necessary resources already appeared, and it is just a high time to undertake its embodiment. And here other thought already absolutely lost the relevance. Now it does not fit in a white “ideological“ envelope, safely throw out a leaf. For now you reconsider old ideas, perhaps, again will dawn on you something special. Do not forget to write down and put new thought in an envelope!

Thus, all ideas at you will be let and not in the head, but at you and in a full order. And those that are already ready to develop into actions by all means will begin to be realized gradually. Surely delegate minor actions. Be engaged in a project essence. It will help to keep positive motivation and will not allow to go out to a spark of new ingenious thought.