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How to wake up beautiful and fresh?

Many of us, and I including, do not love those days when it is necessary to get up early and at once to go on affairs. On a face there is a dream print. These are shadows under the eyes, skin friable and grayish, on the head - a nest. To get rid of this “print“, a lot of time is required, and it is that just at us is not present. And women think: “Here to wake up already beautiful!“

Ya thought of it too and came to a conclusion that else before going to bed it is possible to do everything possible to wake up without bruises and with normal skin. If you want to try, I have several useful tips.

Council the first : In 15-20 minutes prior to a dream it is necessary to air the room, it will provide a sound and healthy sleep. Besides oxygen is very useful also to skin.

Council of the second : For the night it is necessary to wash more carefully properly to get rid of pollution and the remains of cosmetics. It is necessary to apply night cream very thin with a layer, otherwise he will act as a mask, preventing skin to breathe.

Council the third : You should not drink a lot of liquid for the night, it provokes hypostases. Also it is not recommended to eat salty as salinity detain liquid in an organism, and it is the main reason for the same hypostases and bags under eyes.

Council the fourth : It is before going to bed good to take a bath with sea salt - it will weaken and will help to remove the slags which accumulated in a day. After a bathtub to put anti-cellulite means.

Council the fifth : Caffeine excessively invigorates nervous system therefore it is desirable not to use it after 16 hours. Also you should not take alcohol and to smoke, at least in 4 hours prior to a dream.

Council of the sixth : Do not do tails and braids for the night. Any hairpins and elastic bands injure hair during a dream. It is better to sleep on silk pillows, silk helps to keep a hairdress. It is possible to put on a silk scarf.

If hair very long are also confused, it is better to braid an easy braid, but it is desirable without elastic bands and any knots. The person from a make-up is recommended to clear hair of means of laying, as well as. If there is too much these means, the head needs to be washed up if not really, it is rather good to comb.

Council of the seventh : Pillows have to be low, and a mattress equal and rather rigid that the backbone was not bent. It is the best of all to sleep on a back (but I on a back am not able, and I such definitely not one). After a dream on one side on a face there are red strips from a pillow, then it will be necessary to do the masks containing a protein or to apply the moisturizing face cream. It is good to accept vitamin B every morning.

Council of the eighth : Since morning it is useful to take a contrast shower. It is better to wash a camomile, not to wipe a face, and to get wet with a fluffy towel. If nevertheless there were shadows under the eyes, usual tea tea leaves will help to clean them. After lotions from tea it is possible to apply the moisturizing cream, he will make appearance healthier and will in addition smooth small wrinkles.

Council the tenth : To be loaded with cheerfulness since the morning, drink a cup of green tea with a lemon. Tea drinking can be added with several pieces of chocolate which is good antidepressant.

Council the tenth : The happy and loving people sleep stronger and better therefore - you love and sleep near the soulmates. The happy person ugly cannot be and to wake up beautiful, it is necessary to fall asleep beautiful.

Be happy, and then you will be the most beautiful!