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Than the air gun “Ataman“ is unusual?

All! Design, principle of action, system of charging, mnogozaryadnost … Even the form it is not similar to one of modern guns. And it is not surprising. The Tula firm “A+A“ which let out one more unusual design to the world created this product - nedopistolt “CORDON“.

Today “ATAMANS“ only two - with integral and with otjemny shop. In the course of certification - the third model, about it is slightly lower.

The first that surprises in this pistole - super - ultra - mega - a mnogozaryadnost. Shop in 133 steel balls in one model and two replaceable shops on 60 charges in another. Any air gun of the Russian production cannot brag of such mnogozaryadnost. In a set of otjemny shops two. Very conveniently at mass postrelushka: while from the gun shoot, someone fills the second shop.

The second - to make a shot, it is necessary to reap a trigger two time. The first - is cocked, the second is made a shot. Also the safety lock form, the screw locking descent on one model and a bracket under a thumb left hands on another is unusual. Having got into strange hands, the gun, most likely, just will not shoot.

As well as in any pneumatic weapon, work on “vyplyovyvaniye“ of a heavy pool from a trunk is performed by gas. In “ATAMAN“ under gas the special tank which can be filled from the following sources is made.

A standard “weapon“ barrel FROM 2 , 12 grams. Two such barrels get into “storage“.

The OU carbon dioxide fire extinguisher - 5 (in some sources and OU - 3).

The pump with pressure less than 100 bars.

Other source of compressed air or safe gas - for example, barrels with gas for airsoft guns.

But the most interesting in this gun - a design. What was smoked by the designer when he thought out this, there is no mention, but left just looney!

The principle of operation of the gun is very original: blow a mobile trunk on the valve which as a result of it starts the next portion of gas in a trunk. Here “ATAMAN“ is not lonely, the similar principle is used by some guns of Aniks family. However you do not hurry. It is only the principle. And here a form of its realization absolutely other, than at all others. For example, the trunk at all guns is where there has to be a trunk. And at “ATAMAN“ the trunk is located on the place of the directing spring of a lock of the normal gun, i.e. under a trunk! And on the place where there would have to be a trunk, there is a valve for filling with the compressed gas. And as the internal diameter of a filling opening of about 8 mm that quite corresponds to caliber of the normal fire gun, as a toy pistol “ATAMAN“ - the weapon almost ideal, nothing gives out in is mute its “pnevmatichnost“.

You are not stunned yet? Here unique ability of “Ataman“ - to shoot alarm cartridges “the Hunter`s Signal“ which are started on height to 50 m! The nozzle with the rocket is inserted into a trunk when raising the weapon, the ball which further is taking off beats the boss`s cap, and … fireworks are ready! Well, what else pneumatic weapon is capable of it?

And, at last, for that part of consumers who do not want to press two times a trigger and to shoot “as all normal people“, modification of the gun which shoots from one pressing a trigger is already released. Externally it differs in nothing from other “ATAMANS“, but, sorry, rockets this model does not shoot any more … Now (the beginning of 2012) the model passes the certified tests put by the state.

And for all these miracles the firm asks pathetic 110 dollars (the price of the producer on 12. 03. 2012) ! The air gun of Makarov (IZh MR - 654) is from plant nearly one and a half times more expensive. At the same time characteristics are inferior it to “ATAMAN“ in everything, except similarity to the military weapon. By the way, the gun in a convenient case with the handle for carrying is delivered, it is direct as in “the Wild West“.

Technical characteristics of an air gun “ATAMAN“ of production of A+A firm:

Calibre, mm - 4,5.

Effort of a trigger: raisings, N - no more than 50, descent, N - not less than 8.

A power source - FROM 2 or any other safe gas.

Gas volume - FROM 2 , barrels on 12 g - 2 pieces or 60 cubic cm of any safe gas.

Dulny speed of a bullet, m/s - 125.

Capacity of shop, piece of balls, integral - 133, otjemny - 60.

The most admissible pressure in the tank, N / quarter of cm - 1000.

Quantity of shots from one gas station - 133 (full shop).

Weight in the equipped state, kg - 0,7.

Dimensions, mm - 203/28,5/140.

Well, and now about shortcomings .

Quality of production - a scourge of all modern Russian production. Though, according to messages at a forum of owners, idle “from a box“ the weapon practically does not meet, all owners of this “device“ have problems.

Difficult multichamber shop in charging. It is loaded on a certain algorithm. If not to observe charging order, balls the fountain jump out from the charging bunker.

The design is very critical to quality of “pools“. “To catch a wedge“ in such weapon it is very offensive - and it is necessary to sort “completely“, and it is necessary to assemble the weapon long too.

The design is very critical to any pollution. Though to what to apply this “subject“ as not for postrelushka outdoors...

Conclusions . The gun is original, on dimensions reminds a service pistol of GSh - 18, but a form on it absolutely not similar. Looks very pleasantly. In a hand lies well. It is convenient to use both the right-handed person, and the lefthander. The original trigger mechanism to which small accustoming is required does not allow to conduct fast firing, but is very convenient for a slow plinking (entertaining firing). Power, very quite good for an air gun, grouping and profitability.

And, at last, “ATAMAN“ is intended for the people who at least are slightly advanced in weapon equipment. To sort and repair it if you are going to shoot often and many outdoors, it is necessary not once.