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How Estonians helped Latvians, having taken away themselves the most part of one of the Latvian cities?

In Latvia I was, in business trip. Adopted the best practices in one of logging enterprises on North - the East of the republic, in of Strenchi . There then the shop small was on production from coniferous greens of a chlorophyll - karotinovy extract. It to specialized cosmetic factories was sent then and already there in toothpaste pushed which the most part of the Union brushed teeth.

I will not tell that all here so directly thoroughly, but something I in logging enterprise was told. Carried out on shop, showed which - that. And even the technological scheme was allowed to redraw.

I, respectively, all joyful such, right after shop on station ran. Quicker the return to buy the ticket. And Strenchi - the small town. And station there small. The passing train on it literally costs minute. Two - a maximum. And tickets as it appeared, only on arrival sell. Well, and if the train comes, and tickets for it will not appear? To me what, even days in Strenchi to sit?

The cashier looked at me such, all with a grief of the killed, understood my difficult situation and advised - go supposedly the guy, to Valmiera, there the station is larger, there have to be tickets. Well, from armor at least, at least. We have that, in Strenchi, it is absent.

And I estimated … Why to me to Valmiera? Same - to Riga. Absolutely not there, where it is necessary to me. Directly to the opposite side! Perhaps it is better forward? Towards St. Petersburg. And if so, then me not to Valmiera … In the Roll it is necessary.

I also waved there. By bus.

And there so interesting city. It seems, one. And actually two. Latvian of the Roll and the Estonian Valga .

Approximately, as Narva and Ivangorod . But there - the river. And everything is clear. On the left coast - Narva, on right - Ivangorod. And there is even no ravine. Where Roll comes to an end? And Valga from where begins? You get on the city bus at bus station in Latvia, and you leave at one of the next stops at the railway station already in Estonia.

Only local in this disgrace are guided, know where Latvia comes to an end, and Estonia - begins. Also hang around. To and fro, here - there. Latvians - to Estonia. Behind cottage cheese, sour cream or milk. Estonians - to Latvia. Behind fruit jelly and other confectionary.

And once this the ancient, for the first time mentioned in documents of 1286 under the name of Valk city was uniform. In already far times of the Russian Empire had the status of the district center and was a part of the Liflyandsky province.

But in 1917 the empire failed. Also there was no Liflyandiya. But such porridge began! Red on the one hand, white - with another. And white - not so that in one color painted, and with shades different. Someone - oriented on British and their allies on the Entente and for sovereign Latvia standing up. And someone - glancing towards Germany and the countries of the Central axis and dreaming - to keep all “uniform and indivisible“.

Generally, the most real dump when all against all are at war began in the territory of present Latvia. Civil war if all to call by the names. But about Civil war in Latvia - the subject of special conversation, and actually to the Roll has relation one of its episodes.

On October 7, 1919 the colonel Pavel Bermondt - Avalov, having strongly taken offense at the sovereign Latvian government of Karlis Ulmanis which did not pass to Dvinsku (nowadays Daugavpils) formally as if being Severo`s part - the Western army of the general Nikolay Yudenich, but the parts of the Western voluntary army which were actually operating absolutely independently, also turned them to Riga. Yes so successfully turned that already every other day they occupied the western, left-bank suburbs of the Latvian capital.

Perfectly understanding what put here - at all not fish soup, Karlis Ulmanis and all his government fast move to Venden and already from there begin to appeal about the help. First of all those who are closer to the place of the developed events - the Estonian government and the English squadron of cruisers which had to support Yudenich`s approach to Petrograd, having neutralized the Red Baltic Fleet and having taken coastal forts in the Gulf of Finland.

As a result Severo - the Western army had to solve the tasks independently. And the English cruisers, having changed a course, dropped anchors on the Riga raid. Soon to them also the Estonian parts which part four armored trains were were tightened. Their artillery, together with ship tools of a squadron, became that factor with which - Avalova it was already difficult for Bermondt`s parts to argue.

On October 16 approach of the Western voluntary army choked. But it was succeeded to beat out avalovets from left-bank part of Riga almost in a month - by the morning on November 11. After that the gradual pushing off of parts of Bermondt - Avalova to borders of East Prussia where they also receded at the end of December began...

All this history and to end with that. So not! The Estonian government, on account of compensation of the military expenses incurred by them, demanded from the Latvian colleagues neither more nor less - to give to Estonia the most part Rolls. Well, and to Latvians - where to disappear? Asked to ask? They were helped? There passed time to scatter stones. Came - to pay for them.

So in 1920 about lshy, North - east part Are shaky, having received the new name - Valga, became Estonian, and its inhabitants, respectively, obtained citizenship of this country. As of the beginning of 2009 slightly more than 14 thousand people lived in Valga. The population of his Latvian primogenitor is much less - 6164 inhabitants.

However, after on December 21, 2007 both Estonia, and Latvia were included into the Schengen area, borders between two parts once the uniform city disappeared again. And now, quite perhaps, as well as in old kind times, Estonians hang around in the Roll behind fruit jelly, and Latvians, to them towards - to Valga, behind cottage cheese and sour cream.

And the bronze memorial board hung on the Estonian railway station in Valga. Here supposedly on this very spot, at the second platform, stopped and 56 seconds there was a train with the armor car (or an armored car?), on which Vladimir Ilyich whether went where, whether was going to read April theses. But, most likely, all - the car, the armored car is already meeting, in St. Petersburg, on the square to the Finnish station adjusted.

Now this board is absent any more. Probably, neither fruit jelly, nor sour cream not from it became worse. And here the deposit, bitter, appeared. And to whom only the memorial board could prevent?.