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What to do when on the horizon the conflict loomed?

Oh, as often we should get into crisis situations, including in our professional activity! The reasons there can be a weight. It both own errors, and miscalculations of the production and personal plan, and slanders of “well-wishers“, and prejudice of the chief.

As there is a lot of self-control, a step, psychological and diplomatic tricks it is necessary not to allow to inflame to the conflict capable to make the life miserable and to force to lose good work. What to do when the conflict did not manage to be avoided?

Being in epicenter of dispute and mutual recriminations, it is possible to go in two ways: or to move forward to conflict aggravation, or to recede from a battlefield. To go forward means the hands to dig such hole in which it is necessary to fall long, and to be chosen painfully. As a rule, when the arguing opponents cease to constrain themselves, business from the working sphere passes into the sphere of insults of the personality. And personal offenses are remembered well and say goodbye much more difficult. Therefore the way of retreat is not so bad. Using it, it is possible to avoid many blood.

Another thing is that full concealment of the conflict will not lead to anything good too. It will be useful to return in process of an utikhaniye of passions to a disputed issue, but already at qualitatively new level. Constructive dispute without mutual recriminations is capable to lead to a compromise. Like “you understand nothing phrases, only I am right“ will ruin all business. However the desire to reach this compromise has to be present on both sides.

Perhaps, arguments and a pressure of your opponent will be so strong that you should accept his point of view. Make it if they have the right for life. And if it is not right, but is not going to be given all the same, too make.

Let will a little suffer you are right, but the reputation and nervous system will survive. If you do not want to look for other work and to continue to live on a constant stress, it will be more useful to recede. By the way, laws of life say that the truth all the same eventually will win so do not despair.

Any illness it is easier to warn, than to treat. This rule approaches also the conflicts. Try to count a situation in advance. For this purpose concentration, attention to trifles and ability to be flexible, but not to cave in is required. As a rule, the most part of the conflicts is based on emotions. If to keep them under control, then and it is not necessary to clash.

Tactfulness to colleagues, subordination in relation to the administration, conscientiousness in working duties - these qualities can become guarantee of your successful professional activity. At the same time you will be loved by colleagues, to respect the administration, and together it will lead everything, at least, to salary increase.

Psychologists give a piece of good advice. It is necessary to seize dispute art, and also to learn to leave with advantage it. Knowledge and abilities it is frictionless to communicate and structurally will help to solve the arising difficult situations in all spheres of human relationship, whether it be family quarrel or the intense relations with the chief.

Learn about new ways of an exit from the conflict, and the way is the is best of all he avoids you!