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Illness as a result of absence... beliefs?

Why an illness act on one and avoids others? Why, being in identical conditions, one at the slightest draft habitually get from a bag of a tablet and a drop, and for others the illness is something abnormal and unusual?

In case of epidemic within a family or collective when one got sick, another … the person habitually for is adjusted on that, as for it the illness is inevitable! So was always - houses, at school, at work: where one is ill - all are ill. In this case we deal with the next behavioural stereotype, in other words a habit to think and work in a certain situation definitely. The person is adjusted to the general line of an illness, accepts thought that it is necessary to be ill, thereby as if giving the consent to an illness on that it got into an organism; the organism becomes more susceptible to bacteria and viruses therefore the old rule works, finding itself new proofs!

As confirmation to that serves the mass of the experiments made by scientists in whom the examinee under the guise of strong medicine were given usual vitamins. Often, the general improvement of health of patients and objective improvement of results of analyses was result of tests! That is usual vitamins when sick trusts in their miraculousness, are capable to work wonders!

By the way, the people practicing active psychology, for example, of the NLP begin to be ill much less often, being in the same conditions, as earlier!

One more interesting fact: mummies of babies are ill very seldom. And, even if the woman did not differ in health before childbirth, then having become mother, she becomes also the owner of almost impenetrable immunity! Though, under all laws of logic, the logic is absent here: feeding by a breast reduces immunity as the kid “takes away health“ mothers in the processed view with a chest milk. Therefore a conclusion arises by itself: mother is not ill because is not able to afford it it, nobody will be able to take care of the child better it!

And you never reflected why doctors who contact to patients and an illness constantly are ill extremely seldom? Our ordinary Russian district doctor in the period of epidemic bypasses ten patients in a day and as much accepts in the office! At the same time many of them not that gauze bandages are not put on, often even the ointments protecting from a disease, like “Oksolin“, are not used. Doctors have to work with such deal according to the schedule “one day of work - two weeks of the sick-list“, but are not ill! Or at receipt in the status of immunity, medical at them, check how at astronauts, and “weak“ do not take? It is unlikely! It is sure that it is all about personal psychological settings, I just do not see other explanation.

The most common causes of diseases to me the following seems:

1. Fatigue - as physical, connected with a chronic sleep debt, overfatigue at work, regular physical surplus loads etc., and moral when the person brings himself “to the handle“ continuous experiences in any occasion or just systematic stay in a condition of a stress that is characteristic of most of our contemporaries. Here option, in my opinion, only one: to understand at last what you at itself one / one and of needs to be loved ! And that “you will break a toy - another will not be bought“. Actually, another you will not have yourself, and it is necessary to protect what is because to overstrain in a pursuit of happiness, the benefits for the family and other pleasures of life it is not difficult, and here it is impossible to be restored after that sometimes already at all … And to whom you will bring joy, having lost health? To a family and relatives? It is good still if at you it turned out and you provided them with a source of the stable income, having put on this health and if is not present? If is not present, then you will precisely provide them with a source of the constant problems and experiences connected with your health! Just think to us it.

2. Compensation of a lack of attention - can seem strange, but it so. Sometimes we just cannot draw in a different way attention of relatives and subconsciously we make the decision “it is necessary to ache“ - so precisely around you vanity in the form of care will be created! Besides, as a rule, the similar state when the lack of attention is felt, is supported with moral fatigue (see the previous point).

And now, having read and having generalized everything written above, let`s draw one interesting conclusion : people are ill because such is them the unconscious choice ! We can sincerely not want to be ill at the level of reason, in every possible way to oppose to it … and to be ill. And we can strong reflect and remember once: about heroic mummies of our kids who have no opportunity to feel sorry for themselves and to afford such “rest“; about doctors who do not even think that they can get sick and just do the work; about “miracle“ vitamins which cure seriously ill patients - and to understand that opportunities human are limited only to its disbelief - in themselves, the forces - yes in anything!

Actually, it is not important at all in what you believe - in Buddha, Christ, a warm sweater or an ice shower in the mornings - it is important only, it brings benefit or not! Only let`s not forget that the belief is absolutely not that you mentally speak to yourself and what you want to trust in, and what lives separately “I want“ from yours somewhere deeply inside. Sometimes so deeply what we do not even suspect about existence of this belief!

So, maybe, it is worth finding once for himself favourite time - hour, two... month - how many it is necessary to understand itself and to understand that we are capable to work real miracles and that our opportunities are limited only by our belief and to believe that it is not obligatory to be ill, actually, at all!

Health to you!