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Let`s load the friend`s friend with good?

Thousands of candles can be lit from the only candle, and life will not become shorter than it. Happiness does not become less when you share it. Buddha

Dobro? What is it? I Import in Google. This a miracle - the searcher gives.

“ Good - the concept of morality opposite to concept of the evil meaning intended aspiration to disinterested aid to the neighbor, and also the stranger, an animal and flora. In everyday sense this term belongs to everything that receives a positive assessment at people, or is associated with happiness, pleasure.“

would Seem everything so simply, clearly. Now we will sort step by step. “Intention to disinterested aid“:

Intention - the conscious purpose, determination, sense of desire or action; the integral all-consuming expectation of accurately formulated event with total absence of doubts in its need.

Disinterestedness - absence of aspiration to personal benefit, a profit.

The help - rendering necessary measures for overcoming something.

My humanitarian mentality allows to draw a conclusion that all are capable of good. So why we forget about is mute? A dissatisfaction in a family, at work, the body, the unused resources, a standard of living, - all this does people angry, petty, prudent. Before making something good, we will think -“ And that I will receive for it?“ - this, my dear, self-interest. We come back to definition of “good“-. disinterested aid.

No. So should not be.

There are in life laws which essence is known, but is not subject to the person. and Thank God. All of us face them sooner or later. The most effective “law of a boomerang“ - everything comes back to lives. Recently went in an autoline and read an inscription in it -“ Do not anger others, and itself be not angry, all of us guests in the world this transitory, the evil created by you will return to you by all means“. Also and with good. In our vanity we simply do not notice that sdely something is disinterested then we receive an award, I do not say that it is necessary to be the timurite, just kindly has to go from within, lighting life to the owner and his environment. And here one more law -“ chain reaction“ occurs. Process interesting - I will compare to cell fission - at first one then another both td and td whole will not be created yet. The bad example is infectious, but also good too. If everyone begins with itself(himself), then others will pick up. Public opinion. tell you... Ridiculously!!! If you are told that you perfectly look - you will believe if you are told that you stink - you will believe in it too. So far we will be conducted, never to become us happy. Constantly speak to us as as it is necessary to do. those to whom it is favorable operate our minds, involuntarily we become not that whom we are by nature. And by nature we are pure. Our thoughts are pure our actions are pure... We constantly look for happiness, pleasure, success, the necessary people both tp and td. But all this already is in us, it is just necessary to glance in itself and to find these resources. But any resources are capable to be exhausted that to fill them it is necessary to create good. Happiness is what is in each of us, it is just necessary to learn to notice it!