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Birds of Other World


“There is a world in which we live, and there is a world which is inaccessible for us. Perhaps, it will sound unusually, but our relatives after death remember us and even moreover - they are living our memory. Our memory gives them strength to live there. … - so the psychic Ravil spoke to Sveta in Victor Pronin`s book “God`s Kara“ (p. 169) who shipped it then in a hypnotic state and sent to that “next world“, to a meeting with her killed daughter Lena. Sveta answered Ravil`s question where it appeared: “The desert is some gray … Any blade … And sky dark, too gray … And the road, a country road, I go on it …“.

Having read these lines, I right there remembered that I was once on this gloomy road too, but it occurred at me in a troubled and leaden sleep.

As confirmation of existence of such “specific“ landscape on “next world“ I cite as an example the dream which was long before this book.

I lived separately from the mother and the sister, and here at me the health unexpectedly worsened, heart began to ache, me the unclear alarm about mother seized. I tried to call it, but all did not decide, usually my sister with whom I then was at odds approached phone, there was no wish to speak with the sister. Such depression at me proceeded about a week, and, in the night from Friday to Saturday I dream “the gloomy fruitless district, and I go on some dirt road. At the left slowly the dark river, Unexpectedly on the right flew, literally under legs the white bird similar to a seagull rushed and began to get me under feet, preventing me to go further until I guessed - something she wants from me.

When I stopped, it jumped to the right, as if inviting to follow itself. I, understood that she calls me somewhere and followed a bird who constantly looked back - whether there are I it. So we went some time on the rough and hilly country of the deprived any vegetation After a while the bird stopped, I looked round and not at once noticed (was gloomy) - in small deepening the same white bird who was pressed down by a big stone lay. I bent down, removed a stone and took a bird in hand.

In the beginning thought - dead, but then understood - no, it was warmish, in it life still glimmered. Here the bird who brought me to this place began to rush on me and to peck my hands in which I kept half-dead other fowls, as if demanding to release her supposedly the most important made, released her from - under a stone. Under such furious swoops, I thought in the beginning, but whether not to put a sick bird back on the earth, but seeing in what bad that a state, decided to carry it in a clinic.

I on a shoulder had some bag in which I accurately put this bird and went back. All road the first bird jumped up and furiously snatched on a bag, as if trying to get out a sick bird of it.

Having woken up, I long could not recover - impressive the picture before eyes was so unusual. Right there thought - and suddenly with mother badly? Years are not small. Rushed to phone to call mother with the sister, thought at the last minute - the sister will decide that I want to court trouble. Day passed not very well, all tried to approach phone, but without having called went to bed.

And here to dream me other dream in which I without having called, decided to go directly to mother to tell her about a dream about white birds and to these to warn her about possible misfortunes, and in something was kept. The sister began to shout at me: there is nothing to frighten us, you what - for this purpose arrived to us? Mother, standing behind her back, was silent. I some time stood on a threshold and broken by such meeting went back.

On Monday, early in the morning I was woken by phone call. I jumped up to phone, in a tube the sister sobbed: mother has a stroke, there were just doctors …