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Beliefs: harm or advantage? About zero efforts and mass of the foolish installations

Have Beliefs - it is good and it is even useful! It is pleasant to have about all occurring especially own opinion in every sense. But very few people understand that in the majority we have this opinion illogically, but according to the “deep I“. So simpler, so easier, so more cheerfully.

We will tell, the girl grows in a family where mother has a set of prejudices, like - “men to …“ (well, you know), “men svo …“, “same it is necessary to all“. The girl can “absorb“ these installations, it is not enough, she and the world will perceive from a position of this condemnation and a critical view of men. As all this will develop in a small head of the little girl - only the Lord knows. However one is more or less clear - it will become conscious to be positioned as her mother, and unconsciously, very much - it is very peculiar to perceive men.

Not the fact that it will remain “a blue stocking“ as her mother. Perhaps, distortion of reality will leave towards desire to play “the desired victim“ (catch up and rape) or harmonous female homosexuality will be built as ubezhdenchesk. Yes you never know! But business - that not in it is as its inner world will be built. The question is in what hides behind desire “to brand“ any passer - cross, protecting itself from so-called reality.

“All blondes - are silly!“, “Women are chickens!“, “Vsyak a cricket know the perch!“ - hackneyed and long ago the acquired product of mass consciousness. We go further. “Everything that for a fee - is qualitative!“ - we think, going to paid and very dear stomatologist. And … we are trapped. The stomatologist is trained to take money, but it is not good to treat caries.

“All men - poligamna!“ - the woman thinks, looking at “merrymakings“ of a man`s half of office, not taking into consideration that their game - not always accurately built plan. It can be compensation, and here what - again other question.

“What Russian does not like to drink?“, “What holiday without pile?“ - and further poorly motivated, but very active actions went.

“If loves, then will buy a fur coat!“ - the lady believes and waits for the corresponding reaction from the blessed. Why so, but not differently, it is asked! Where prichinno investigative communication between two positions in this reflection? If does not love if it is opposite - why lives? And the fur coat is an accurate exponent of love of the man? If so, then everything is measured by fur coats, not differently. Absurdity, but this belief passing into idiocy.

By the way, about money! In general on light there is a mass of “beliefs“ and the hidden installations. Let`s tell, the fact that the love keeps on money - it is known even by children. “Mothers, buy me a transformer!“ - cries out dithat. And further the silence, mother counts money for the most necessary, dithat takes offense and remembers argument which generates pseudo-a conclusion - “mother does not love me“.

The talent is measured by the number of bank notes! What? Well, then my acquaintance from the market trading in women`s shorts is much more talented than other acquaintance who graduated from conservatory and works in music college as the teacher. Learns, so to speak, great music younger generation. The first in anything does not need, the second constantly thinks - what to buy it. The choice is big, it is not enough opportunities for such salary!

“Education - a success guarantee!“ - the poor girl so thinks and learns - teaches - teaches. And another, having since the childhood installation on “divine“ beauty at a doubtful exterior, sincerely considers himself “super - model“, positions itself as a magnificent prize in the marriage market. And, as a result, without reproaching men with what they “to …“ and “svo …“, favourably marries. Favourably to, but not for people around. She perceives the world so that all for it, and it is worthy the best.

By the way, about the one who and that what is worthy. Very much I like advertizing of one cosmetic firm. “You the best are worthy!“ - the graceful hank of the head aside, a mysterious look and falls of ringlets follows further. Accurately assuming blow of “the 25th shot“ from the TV, the girl, having a limited stock of knowledge of the world, but a clear idea that it “is worthy the best“, initially positions itself quite so. Without applying, however, as the maiden from my previous example, any efforts. Long ago did not clean the case and did not wash the floor? What for? I am worthy the best! Oh, the programmer from the next office looks after? Why it to me? I the best am worthy! Weight inevitably “poper“ up, hair were not cut long ago? The nonsense, and so will descend, I the best am worthy! Claims to the world, zero efforts, mass of foolish installations.

Generally, I for at first to think before to tell something (to write) sharply - enthusiastic or, on the contrary, critical. And suddenly it not your belief, and you “are sincerely boiled“, in vain spend the time … Isn`t that so?