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Female friendship - sympathy or the hidden hostility?

Female friendship - concept very interesting and in some degree mythological. All speak about female friendship, but here in the context of concept of friendship, in communication, for some reason does not occur at women of it.

No, women communicate among themselves, maintain the relations, call up, go to hen nights and a sit-round gathering of women`s communities, even sometimes console each other, stretching a handkerchief, but all these relations - anything, only not the real interpretation of the word “friendship“.

Why, you ask? Everything looks so plausibly and inspires trust! Answer simple. The woman as a cat, on life it walks in itself. And in everyone, similar, the Catwoman she sees not the friend, but the potential competitor, threat for her, her families and the partner at all. And in this immemorial rivalry, as well as in the war, all means are good, even such noble concept as friendship.

Wise women understand that open rivalry or hostility in life a little what you will achieve, all will begin to consider you as the troublemaking troublemaker, and the rating (especially in the opinion of men) considerably will fall. And here “to make friends“ with the competitor, to become her girlfriend, to get her who lost vigilance and thawed from our sincere talk, into soul, and then at the most right moment to strike it a stab in the back - this to ours, in a feminine way.

Women often become girlfriends not from at all - for common interests. The main apple of female contention is a man. From - for it the girlfriends who signed the pact of non-aggression are capable to destroy the fragile world and to become inveterate enemies. But it is an internal situation of a question. Externally everything can look absolutely decently - the careful girlfriend, asks at you, how are you doing with the mutual friend - the guy whether he is pleasant to you that you intend to undertake in further. The fatal flaw is made by those from us who trustfully shares the plans, feelings with “girlfriends“. Here as on interrogation: by in total you told it can be used against you. Your thoughts, secrets, words at the most inconvenient moment suddenly will become property of society. From where society learned about your secrets? Do not puzzle. Remember “best friend“ and about what you lovely with her stirred in such trustful atmosphere behind a cappuccino cup.

Except men, women are interested also career. Your girlfriend whom you so trustfully and fondly advance on the office line at work, thinking, as she will not forget about you and will say the word before the administration, one fine day will quickly forget with whose help she took the chair and the place.

In love, as well as at work, there cannot be girlfriends. You should not share with anybody the plans, thoughts and feelings. That of what you think, forever will remain with you, but what you said aloud - will always play against you.

Women seldom “are on friendly terms“ with equal to according to the status, external data and vital achievements. The girlfriend can be better by all listed criteria, more successfully, or the unlucky person and not the beauty, but not to stand on life nearby, on one line at all. Why?

The successful girlfriend - incentive for achievement bigger, chance of an opportunity with its help to achieve the best work and the successful man. A gray mouse in girlfriends - excellent “vest“, even steel ladies sometimes cry and against her pale face and points you will always look Anjelica and Cleopatra in one person. And at the moments when you just are tired of life and infinite war and wonder what you achieved, your achievements against the unpromising girlfriend will always look more advantageously - and then in your eyes there will be hazardous gloss and thirst of victories on men, career steps and just over similar, for personal self-affirmation again.

Women never forgive offenses. Especially to other women. The revenge will not always follow the same minute, payment can reach us and later time when we, having lost vigilance, having trustfully believed in female generosity and forgiveness, relax. Women never and forget nothing.

Someone will agree with written above, having remembered own life situations. Someone will argue furiously that women not such. Lucky persons, they did not comprehend women`s school of life yet! Once I too trustfully trusted girlfriends, advanced them on career ladders and shared the last piece. And what? Unless they from it betrayed me less?

It is possible to agree with facts of life, it is possible not to accept it, but from it it will not change. The Catwoman who walks on life in itself. And cats seldom have girlfriends …