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Absent-mindedness and carelessness. Whether it is necessary to fight with them?

Happened to get a job somehow to my friend the seller. It held on at the work two months. Did not find a common language with the cash register. Will find shortage of money, the check not for that sum will punch. Since then decided that such work not for it. Tests as the consultant.

But it still that! With me the case was more ridiculous! I came after work into a supermarket. Took chicken, cheese, candies, is a lot of different miscellanea. All grid was filled. Paid off and … left. Behind products, of course, returned. Then, when remembered that forgot. The personnel of shop joyfully met me. They recognized me by sight since then. Whether just smiled, whether a finger at a temple twisted.

And my child, being going to school, manages to forget … a portfolio! The son regularly loses the cell phone, replaceable footwear, sports pants. Even seeded flat keys. And what we only did what died accepted! And all the same regularly the son “considers crows“. We almost reconciled to it. “And that you want, look at his mother!“ - our father is annoyed with this subject.

What I by some miracle managed to pass serious funny things is remarkable. Despite the absent-mindedness, I did not forget children anywhere, did not lose sight. Where our safety depended on concentration of attention, I always showed enviable vigilance.

When I decided to take driving test, was prepared for cruel fight against the carelessness. However, fight did not happen. Being driving, I automatically turned into continuous attention and concentration. When on a back seat there were my children, set for herself the unique task: to bring them in an integrity and safety from point A in point B. What, actually, also carried out. However, if with me the girlfriend got into the car, I behind conversation could miss important details of the events on the road. Once, carried away by conversation, slightly had no an accident.

In certain cases we easy and naturally manage to keep vigilance and concentration. And we are sometimes absent-minded and we can miss, forget, not notice a lot of things … In what a difference?

What nature of absent-mindedness and carelessness?

Here opinion of psychologists (Sidorov P. I., Parnyakov A. V., Introduction to clinical psychology):
“The first type of a carelessness is the absent-mindedness (the “flitting“ attention) determined by an easy involuntary pereklyuchayemost of poorly concentrated attention. This type of a carelessness is peculiar to the preschool children and people weakened, astenizirovanny as a result of strong overfatigue or an illness.

The second type of a carelessness, on the contrary, is defined by high intensity and concentration of attention at difficulties of switching. It is type of the “scientist`s carelessness“ concentrated on the thoughts. At patients this type of a carelessness is peculiar to persons with supervaluable and the notions of compulsion.

The third type of a carelessness is characterized by very weak concentration of attention and its weaker pereklyuchayemost. This type of a carelessness is connected with continuous or temporary decrease in force and mobility of nervous processes. At healthy people the similar carelessness is temporary as a result of overfatigue “.

Let`s say it is about mentally healthy and well rested people.

What mechanisms of a carelessness and how to work with them?

In all stories told by me took place to be enthusiasm for any thoughts against primary activity. My friend when worked with the cash register, was busy with thoughts of divorce. I in the history with a supermarket worried about the next employment. And in situations of full concentration of attention on object missed nothing here and now.

Our attention fully can be concentrated only on one object . Of course, the skilled hostess knows how to cook food, to tide up and in the same time to look for the child. But any person will not be able to drive at the same time the car and at the same time is serious to develop strategy of development of the business.

On this subject experiments were made. Several volunteers were given a task: to count quantity of the balls thrown in a grid by team in blue shorts. The audience was put in front of the TV on which screen game in basketball of participants in red and blue shorts was shown. Volunteers precisely counted the number of the heads. And nobody from them noticed on the screen of the person in a suit of a gorilla who slowly walked from one region of the field in another. At the end of experiment participants have fun when they once again showed them shootings. Results of experiment proved again property of our brain to concentrate only on one task.

Thus: to be attentive, it is necessary to be defined in priorities and at the same time to solve only one problem. Tu which faces you right now. It means that when the seller works with the cash register, the seller needs to think only of monetary calculations and of knocking-out of the check. And in any way not to soar in analysis of the personal failures. It means that child who forgets a portfolio it is necessary to teach to think before school only of school, and of anything the friend. It means that when you driving and you distract talk, it is necessary softly, but surely to ask the person to postpone a topic of conversation for later. And when you are going to leave the house, it is worth giving 10 minutes to thoughts only of how to leave the apartment in safety and at the same time to forget nothing.

Distribute the attention is reasonable. And then you will have no problems with its concentration.