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How to make larks owls? Transfiguration in Russian of

Since the end of fall of 2011 I observe sharp increase in quantity of owls in the reality surrounding me. Children - it is so nearly universal “fell into a torpid dazed state“.

There are December impressions. Early morning, a rain rustle behind a window. The next young owl of a provolokla on an entrance ladder - from the fourth floor, under a pitch roar accompanied by parental “gav! bu - bu - bu, gav!“. Rany - early, to a dawn lifted, constructed - through a gloom and a rain in a garden drove. Well, but all entrance without alarm clock regained consciousness. Down the street pull a sovushka - and to other entrances of the five-storey building already is what to wake up from...

In office having been - I see the gloomy people around. Who fights against the remains of own dream, who - chews in soul of a consequence of fight with own children on a subject “Gets up!!!“. Behind a window the ink darkness slowly resolves. Dawn comes to the first office tea.

Even I a little bit an owl began to feel: in five minutes prior to an alarm clock not to wake up but only - under its brutal ring and my gnashing of teeth. And then I will hear cries of an owl - young children through a rustle of winter rains and I will look out in a dark window (“Return snow winter!“)... And... what to do?! To be stirred up by Kofey? Will not help. To natural larks of coffee will only help to fall asleep.

Strange business. Or planets so met in the astrological round dance? Or ardent Hillary again what said? That so in Russia owls bred - could not do without State Department...

No, not planets it play astrological games, not the State Department world starts talking plot. Remember how everything for many years our life on overseas custom - with time conversion to and fro depending on approach of spring / fall, the fair number of dear Russians was indignant with servility before the West even in such intimate question as time of personal rise and a release. So our Supreme government, our president who responded to groans national and he will be live, safe and sensible, cancelled time conversion for seasonal time.

Here - that was also found out that not the will of the government operates our biorhythms, and the sun is red.

Is more useless to the sun in a glukhozimya on a firmament to be rolled out in those hours, as in the summer. And we, guilty the person, gentle and weak as B.C., and on all our era behind the sun woke up, behind an evening dawn went to lateral.

To the people, of course, against heart to scratch turnip, to come to the square - on knees to be burst and tell: “People are kind though I both am great, and it is mighty, and in general the people - bogonosets, but - were mistaken. Vertay all backwards, the government, let in the winter the alarm clock again on an hour will call me later!“.

I trust: the owl can become a lark. Day after day the spring of light crept, the sun every morning begins the run on the sky earlier and earlier. And this herd of newly converted owls, of course, is wasted. The boy, that all November - December - January shouted on a ladder, carrying in a kindergarten, already weaned from former sufferings. Again exasperates mother - the father immemorial “why“ - morning for it comes closer and closer to sunrise, it is not necessary, clinging to the dream remains, to hide from mother in a blanket cover. And by a breakfast it is washed and clear-eyed, ready to work, fight, the doctrine and other infantile entertainments.

The highest Russian reason obmozgovyvat a problem again. It seems that the prophecy published in March, 2010 by one of our colleagues, Oleg Chernozemov is fated to come true: “I think that if decide to experiment any time, as a result will return to switching“.

Long live experience, son of mistakes!