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Lady perfection?! Or how courageous Gods help? part 2

Is two important choice in life - to accept circumstances such what they are, or to assume responsibility on their change. We chose the second way! Hey yeah - it is difficult, it is thorny, from conceals in itself(himself) many adventures, but so far we also do not represent that once we will wake up By itself. If you want to have what never had - begin to do what was never done. Process is started. we Begin with
our fascinating travel to new life!
In the first part we touched upon a subject of “crisis of middle age“. There we go.
does not pass Crisis, he / she every day becomes closed, remote, nothing the interested. And so, if all of you hear it from the family, - that you on a right way!
the Stage first “the Stage first begins to be switched off from life“
right after acceptance of a dose of sympathy that you have a crisis of middle age, it is called “to be switched off from life“. You do everything on the automatic machine, you do not want to go anywhere anybody to see, nothing in you causes emotions. Let`s look from several parties.
Or you for a long time “were switched off from life“ - did everything as it is necessary, all as usual as needless to say, but every day turned into the copy of previous. Groundhog Day. Yes, you perform the work ideally and you the exemplary husband or the wife, the approximate father or approximate mother, you go to church on Sundays, call parents 2 times a week, visit them on holidays, go to friends, - all as usual, but why in soul cold and melancholy?
Is remembered that time when at work was a beginner when the relations with the partner only arose when the child the first time told the father or mother when with friends walked, but not to stay for hours in restaurants, discussing nobody uninteresting questions...
Was difficult, there were difficulties, but it was interesting!!! There is no feeling of novelty, competition and freedom. Well time “well, came to join in life“.
the Stage second “to join in life“
needs to hear the heart and to connect it with reason. Work on itself begins. To find itself - it is necessary to change itself. It is necessary to get from depths of subconsciousness and soul all that you really want and what you dreamed of or you dream. Only then you will be able to become dream for yourself. Learn to dream again, to dream with imaginations, to dream with romanticism, to dream with love to itself.
Dream without romanticism is, only, money. Believe in what you trust in. Doubt, but do not give up. Only then there is a chance.
If you become similar to the majority, means time to change came...
to join in your own life, it is necessary to stop being similar to others. Try to recognize yourself, wanted to learn to dance a tango - go and you study, wanted to sing songs - find the old records and sing them on all loudness, wanted to grow thin - so register to the gym and to the nutritionist, wanted to change clothes - so go to shop and torment sellers with questions that now carry and as it is correct to you to pick up everything, - all this only the first step. It is the most difficult. but it comes true. and what? second step... about already easier. the third... - I feel inflow of forces. the fourth... the fifth and so on... But be ready that who you surrounds everything - will be dissatisfied with all your changes. It is protective reaction, be not frightened, to people it becomes terrible when someone stops being similar to them, it is allocated. They are afraid of it, do not know that to expect from it...
I is an important point here. If you notice that someone is interested in your changes, take him by hand and lead. But if your second half twists a finger at a temple, leaves you. be not frightened... it is her / his way. Everyone has it the. Children?! And that children. Children will grow up and will begin to live life, and the fact that you for the sake of them sacrificed the life and the dreams, will interest them a little. They will not understand they are they are children. The main thing that they felt your Lyubov. And that it from you flew streams, it needs to be experienced in itself.
you - a love source. It never came and did not leave, came - people, but not love left. You will miss emotions which were caused by the person, but not on love! Habits are given us from above - replacements to happiness they, all the known lines from Eugene Onegin. It just died away, it should be experienced! It has to filter through each section of your organism, to become a star in a gloom, and it will remove, believe... will remove to the world of harmony and happiness!
the Stage third “New Life“
There now, the family ceased to communicate with you, begin to avoid you and friends, and colleagues are afraid. And you already ahead - unless to you it is important what remained behind?! Follow
in the way, and do not listen to anybody who will tell as if you something cannot. Do today that others do not want - you will live tomorrow as others cannot.
you learned to dance a tango, updated clothes, read books which became dusty at you on a case long ago, you grew thin, gained muscle bulk, began to be interested in the health - ceased to drink on Fridays and Saturdays beer with friends or to fray with girlfriends about any nonsense (three eternal subjects of women - a belonging, the cosmetics and Adriano Celentano is a joke, ideals at all different), and somehow it is necessary to move further...
But here can work the old scheme of “mental making of all way“. No. Be a headlight from the car which lights a way on each 50 meters, do not hurry, learn to enjoy the moment, do not hurry!!! Never, never give up, do not lower a hand. Work - on the speech, the body, the life. It cannot be that hard. Learn to see signs, and follow them, but be not afraid! You do not know where you will get, far do not look forward... but you will get to the amazing place under the name your Life.
Once, we arrived to the country to get on the island. We made three changes by planes, then floated by the boat with people, nonspeaking in our language, with the weapon, during a pouring rain, on the dirty river, everything was very frightening around. But when we arrived on ostor - that Miracle! We got to the paradise place! And in life, let it will be terrible at the beginning, but be the river, it will bring you in that life of which you dreamed! Everything that occurs in our life - to the best. Sometimes it seems - the deadlock, it did not turn out, it did not happen, did not come true. It is - not the deadlock, and abrupt turn, not the end of life, and the beginning new. there is no
the road Back, you already new personality, returned to you desire to live, love, to feel life...
A can with the partner on dance of a tango at you and the passion to love will revive. Or in fitness the center to you the instructor will attract... And you, at last, will find the paradise on the earth! And you told crisis of middle age. It is a change, revolution.
the Result - you returned yourself yourself!!! You were helped, you were directed, you became dream for yourself. You became ladies or Mr. perfection for yourself, you do not need to prove more to someone something and it is not necessary to prove to himself, you here and now - In your Life! You could, you became the best person what could only become!!!

P. S. Only the one who won against himself wins this life. Who won against the fear, the laziness and the uncertainty

With love, your DS